59 Photos - May 25, 2015
Photo: Sunshine at camp.Photo: There's no sense of the enormity of these walls in this photo, so trust me, they're big.Photo: WallflowerPhoto: Scenic rock walls along the Observation Point trail.Photo: Yucca plant and the endless rock of ZionPhoto: Aaron stops in the sunshinePhoto: Cactus and desert primrose grow high above the canyon floor.Photo: Aaron checks out the view along the trail.Photo: Panorama atop Observation Point.Photo: Observation Point trail.Photo: Zion Canyon.Photo: We made it!Photo: Claret cup cactusPhoto: Big wallsPhoto: PaintbrushPhoto: PhloxPhoto: The Virgin River cuts through Zion CanyonPhoto: Stairsteps towards Hidden CanyonPhoto: Chains for the nervous hikersPhoto: Aaron takes the stairsPhoto: Textured walls in Hidden CanyonPhoto: Aaron finds the archPhoto: Narrow sandy pathway in Hidden CanyonPhoto: A surprise pool of water!Photo: Aaron on the Hidden Canyon trailPhoto: VioletsPhoto: Climbing upPhoto: Weeping Rock.Photo: Don't make it seven.Photo: Desert penstemonPhoto: Look ahead at the narrow rib leading to Angel's LandingPhoto: Aaron begins the chain routePhoto: Look, ma, no hands!Photo: Looking downPhoto: A few trees cling to the rocks up here.Photo: Hanging out on top.Photo: Steep wallsPhoto: A sense of the void on the right.Photo: We don't need no stinkin' chains!Photo: Walter's Wiggles from the topPhoto: Sturdy trail constructionPhoto: Vegetation alongside the Virgin RiverPhoto: Hiking towards the Emerald PoolsPhoto: The maidenhair fern in Oregon doesn't quite look like this.Photo: Reflection in Emerald PoolPhoto: Spring in the desert is flush with life.Photo: Water trickles down this overhang near the lower pool.Photo: One of many prominent rock features in the park. Which one? Don't ask me.Photo: Refreshing shade and cool airPhoto: Pleasant hiking trail between the Lodge and the Grotto.Photo: Bloomin' cactusPhoto: Flower budsPhoto: Evening light on the WatchmanPhoto: Beetle!Photo: Daisies in the desertPhoto: One of many types of pretty yellow flowersPhoto: And some dirty purple flowersPhoto: Sunset over the trailPhoto: Final panoramic view from the Watchman Trail