42 Photos - Aug 31, 2014
Photo: Hiking along the PCT to campPhoto: Fireweed fills a lovely meadowPhoto: Rick approaches the Kendall KatwalkPhoto: Billions of people set up camp near Ridge and Gravel Lakes. Not us.Photo: Cloud layer in the morningPhoto: Climber's "path" leads up to Bumblebee PassPhoto: Streams cut through the basin beneath Mt ThomsonPhoto: The best views of Thomson we'd have all dayPhoto: Rick stands on the talus beneath the ridgeline. Our peak is off camera to the right.Photo: Hours pass and...here I am partway up the first pitch, nothing but air below.Photo: One of many small chimneys on the routePhoto: Rick comes up through the treePhoto: Looking down pitch 2Photo: A fleeting view of the surrounding ridgelinesPhoto: Yay! a pitonPhoto: Rick comes up from the steep wall belowPhoto: A nice slab traversePhoto: Looking up at more rockPhoto: Nice view back along the ridgePhoto: Are we there yet?Photo: In and out of the fog all dayPhoto: A gash in the rock drops down to who knows what?Photo: Looking back at the false summit, with a second team behind.Photo: The best view from the summit.Photo: Looking down into the basinPhoto: There's a better viewPhoto: The scramble "trail" sometimes led through the treesPhoto: A nicer section of the East Ridge trailPhoto: At last, the notch!Photo: Rick descends from the notchPhoto: More and more talusPhoto: Looking up to Bumblebee NotchPhoto: First view of the PCTPhoto: Alaska LakePhoto: The PCT winds its way back to Ridge LakePhoto: Morning sunrise. Hey, where'd the clouds go?Photo: Mt. Thomson peeks over the ridgePhoto: Heading home, seeing the mountains for the first time.Photo: Red Mountain and Lundin PeakPhoto: Mt. RainierPhoto: Guye PeakPhoto: Red berries