196 Photos - Aug 4, 2010
Photo: PenstemonPhoto: Oregon sunshinePhoto: PaintbrushPhoto: BunchberryPhoto: Hackleman Old Growth TrailPhoto: Devil's ClubPhoto: Hackleman Old Growth TrailPhoto: Proxy Falls TrailPhoto: Prince's PinePhoto: Bog wintergreenPhoto: Lower Proxy FallsPhoto: Upper Proxy FallsPhoto: RhodiesPhoto: Ant burrowPhoto: Worker antsPhoto: Two of the Three SistersPhoto: Highway 242Photo: Two Sisters and the lava fieldPhoto: Sunset at Lava Camp LakePhoto: Mt. Washington beyond the lava fieldPhoto: Mt. Washington from the southPhoto: Forest, meet lavaPhoto: Three Sisters from viewpointPhoto: DeerPhoto: Some flower budPhoto: PCT on Brown MountainPhoto: Mt. McLoughlin from Brown Mountain Lava FlowPhoto: Shade on the PCTPhoto: Something somethingPhoto: More shadePhoto: Mt. McLoughlin from the PCTPhoto: Huge pineconePhoto: Mystery flowerPhoto: White-veined wintergreen, Pyrola pictaPhoto: White-veined wintergreen, Pyrola pictaPhoto: General cautionPhoto: Mt. AshlandPhoto: Mt. Ashland campgroundPhoto: View of Mt. ShastaPhoto: LichensPhoto: Cool shrubPhoto: Green manzanitaPhoto: Oregon CavesPhoto: Cool off spot at the Madrona day use area in Northern CaliforniaPhoto: RedwoodsPhoto: Odd redwood sculpturePhoto: Forest floor plants backed up not against a rock wall but a gigantic treePhoto: Robohiker in the wildPhoto: Tree stumpPhoto: Redwood growthPhoto: Redwood sproutPhoto: More big treesPhoto: Heading under a blowdownPhoto: The kid doesn't even have to duckPhoto: OxalisPhoto: Ferns growing from the redwoodPhoto: Winchuck RiverPhoto: Winchuck RiverPhoto: The steep, rocky path back up to my campPhoto: What is this?Photo: Gull at the coastPhoto: CandyflowerPhoto: Cow parsnipPhoto: Up close with cow parsnipPhoto: Himalayan blackberry flowerPhoto: Common selfheal, Prunella vulgarisPhoto: Coastal manroot, Marah oreganusPhoto: Wild radishPhoto: Harris BeachPhoto: Bearberry honeysuckle, Lonicera involucrataPhoto: Pacific waterleafPhoto: ButtercupPhoto: Speedwell, perhaps?Photo: Himalayan blackberryPhoto: HorsetailPhoto: Oregon coast trail postPhoto: Cedar waxwingPhoto: Pearly everlastingPhoto: Pearly everlastingPhoto: Near Cape FerreloPhoto: Pretty yellow flowersPhoto: Just another coast viewPhoto: Pea flowersPhoto: Unusual flowersPhoto: SelfhealPhoto: Photo: Photo: Seaside daisy, Erigeron glaucusPhoto: Hedge-nettle flowersPhoto: Photo: Yellow glandweed, Parentucelia viscosaPhoto: Carpet on the forest floorPhoto: Trail down to Indian SandsPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Hard packed, colored sandPhoto: Photo: LupinePhoto: More lupine?Photo: Photo: Seaside daisy, Erigeron glaucusPhoto: Photo: Photo: PaintbrushPhoto: PaintbrushPhoto: Photo: Seaside daisy, Erigeron glaucusPhoto: Photo: Mystery flowerPhoto: StonecropPhoto: Centaurium spp.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Butter Bar CampgroundPhoto: Photo: Snapper in a pouchPhoto: The complete meal!Photo: Cape BlancoPhoto: Observation building at Shore Acres State ParkPhoto: Rock strata at Short Acres State ParkPhoto: Cool plantPhoto: Morning gloryPhoto: Flower at Botanical GardenPhoto: Rose at Botanical GardenPhoto: Rose at Botanical GardenPhoto: Rose at Botanical GardenPhoto: Flowers at Botanical GardenPhoto: Monkeypuzzle tree at Botanical GardenPhoto: Flower at Botanical GardenPhoto: Flowers at Botanical GardenPhoto: Path at Botanical GardenPhoto: Flowers at Botanical GardenPhoto: Flowers at Botanical GardenPhoto: Photo: Piles of marine mammalsPhoto: MonkeyflowerPhoto: PeaPhoto: Photo: Path down from Oregon Dunes ViewpointPhoto: Robohiker crossing the dunesPhoto: Photo: More pretty yellow flowersPhoto: DragonflyPhoto: Photo: Photo: Misc berriesPhoto: Made it to the beach!Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Cool seed headPhoto: Lupine shadowPhoto: Start of the Pawn Old Growth TrailPhoto: Bleeding hearts, in late July!Photo: Light pink foxglovePhoto: Photo: Giant treePhoto: Photo: Nurse logPhoto: Photo: Strange upright, thorny plantPhoto: Maidenhair fernPhoto: Photo: MonkeyflowerPhoto: Scouler's bluebell, Campanula scouleriPhoto: Someone's burrowPhoto: Photo: Note the tree's diameter is as tall as me!Photo: Slug lovePhoto: White foxglovePhoto: Photo: Photo: DarlingtoniaPhoto: DarlingtoniaPhoto: Photo: DarlingtoniaPhoto: DarlingtoniaPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Kenilworth ivy, Cymbalaria muralisPhoto: Devil's ChurnPhoto: Photo: BeargrassPhoto: Photo: Not sure what this isPhoto: CandyflowerPhoto: Nettle flowersPhoto: Spiraea douglasiiPhoto: Photo: Mystery flowersPhoto: Bird's foot trefoil, Lotus corniculatus