14 Photos - Dec 21, 2014
Photo: Before sunrise, throngs of people descended upon the National Mall in DC.Photo: Tour buses lined the streets surrounding downtownPhoto: Crowds continue to gather.Photo: We came in to the mall west of the White House and are making our way towards the capitol. The plan is to keep walking until it's uncomfortably crowded.Photo: But even at 8am there are people gathering around the jumbo-tron on 17th St behind the Washington Monument.Photo: Keep heading over the Washington Monument hill. There should be a decent view from the other side.Photo: There was a jumbo-tron on 14th (they were all playing replays of the Sunday night concert), but we were pretty sure that we could get closer. It was not yet uncomfortably crowded.Photo: Getting more crowded...Photo: OK, this is as close as we think that we can be and still have some elbow room. We created a little circle of ourselves and marched in place (to tunes played by the Marine Corps band) in order to stay warm. It was 15 degrees F outside.Photo: At least we could see the capitol.Photo: And now we have a new president, who is very clearly larger than life.Photo: Most of these people seem happy about it.Photo: Now that the swearing in is complete, many people walk back to Virginia and elsewhere.Photo: And the sun shines on our icy capitol.