23 Photos - Dec 21, 2014
Photo: This poor, poor tree. It had about six people anchored to it.Photo: The view up canyon from the top of pitch 2.Photo: I'm' tired of waiting, but, hey, I love being up here.Photo: Camping on Smith Mesa.Photo: Photo: Aaron, before we start up the East Rim TrailPhoto: The view from East Rim to Angle's LandingPhoto: Still climbing, but in good spiritsPhoto: The view up Zion CanyonPhoto: Photo: The fast way into Mystery CanyonPhoto: That's right. We're going down there.Photo: Aaron on rappel.Photo: Aaron still on rappel.Photo: Sculpted navajo sandstone.Photo: James on rappel, but there's no light.Photo: Still no light, and Aaron still can't figure out the camera.Photo: We made it to the lake. And the cottonwoods were losing their leaves.Photo: Totally not climbable (really friable!) but it doesn't hurt to try.Photo: This huge rock broke off in the 70s and dammed the entire canyon.Photo: More rappelsPhoto: More rappelsPhoto: I <heart> (i.e. hate) DC. Can't wait to go back!