21 Photos - Oct 28, 2013
Photo: Starting out from the power line roadPhoto: The beginning of the trail. I'm on the right path!Photo: One of many nice waterfalls along the wayPhoto: What would be an autumn hike without finding edible mushrooms?Photo: More cascades.Photo: The first peek from above the fog layerPhoto: Ugly scrambly section with no route markings. Probably a terminus morraine from an old glacier.Photo: After scrambling through the forest/alpine interface, you come out into some nice flats.Photo: Snow melt tunnel.Photo: A good view of part of the route. Start up the gully on the far right, traverse across the ridge in the middle and then climb the ridge right to left.Photo: Close up of the gully to climb.Photo: Better view above the fog.Photo: View from the first ridge line.Photo: Photo: The typically bad self-portrait.Photo: View up to Queen's peak. We'll traverse around the right hand side and then go straight up a valley around the back.Photo: View from the summit of King's!Photo: Elkhorn Mountain and others.Photo: Closer look at Elkhorn.Photo: One of Elkhorn's glaciers.Photo: I _think_ this is the Golden Hinde.