82 Photos - Oct 24, 2013
Photo: L-R: Mike Storie, Bill Glaser, Moe Chace, Jethro Hooper, Tom Vargo, Tom Rae, Jeff Bogle, Jeff Raynor, Jeff Gammon, Larry Goodman, Fred Criswell, Paul Deehan, Chris McLarren, Mike Lunt, Frank Castle, Bendan Jamison
In the doorway L-R: Keim Seidler, Chris Malone, Alan Higbie, John Hauer....Don't have names for the ladies.Photo: Replica of commemorative plaque placed on Teufelsberg.  Hopes are for a bronze plaque in the future.  For non-Morse folks, the dots and dashes read "In God We Trust, All Other We Monitor"Photo: John Hauer at Brendan Jamison's Werkstadt Teufelsberg exhibitionPhoto: Exhibition information at WerkstedtPhoto: Irish sculptor Brendan Jamison's Tuefelsberg.  Complete info about Brendan at
 http://www.brendanjamison.com/sugarcube.htmlPhoto: Items shown at sculptor Brendan Jamison's exhibition about Teufelsberg at Werkstadt in BerlinPhoto: Photo: Items donated by author and ex-FSB'er T.H.E. HillPhoto: Mike Storie (L), Joyce Gammon, and Jeff GammonPhoto: Jill Underwood and Diana Fitzgerald Scelsi at the ReichstagPhoto: Jill Underwood and Diana Fitzgerald ScelsiPhoto: Photo: Photo: L-R:  Sandy Gallo, Gina Fossler, and Martha DownerPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Reunion organizer extraordinaire Jeff Gammon.  Thanks, JeffPhoto: Bob Haut seated, Bill Bennett standingPhoto: Photo: Tour bus in Andrews parking lotPhoto: Building facing Andrews main gate PXPhoto: Andrews main gate pillarPhoto: Andrews chapelPhoto: A Company, AndrewsPhoto: A Company entrancePhoto: A look inside A CompanyPhoto: Main gate exit onto Finkenstein AlleePhoto: Photo: Swimming poolPhoto: Photo: B Company, Andrews BarracksPhoto: Back of A companyPhoto: Former A Company roadPhoto: Pool entrancePhoto: PoolPhoto: New building at AndrewsPhoto: Main gate exitPhoto: Photo: Bob HautPhoto: Paul Deehan left, Chris Jones centerPhoto: Dave Potts at the Brandenburg GatePhoto: Fassbender and Rausch ChocolatierPhoto: Photo: L-R: Geoff Kitson, Bob Haut, Chris JonesPhoto: Al Higbie at rightPhoto: Al HigbiePhoto: Photo: Frank Castle left and John HauerPhoto: Photo: Frank Castle, left, and Jack KravitzPhoto: Photo: Bill GlaserPhoto: Photo: Photo: Geoff KitsonPhoto: Davie BairPhoto: Ned RichardsonPhoto: Bill GlaserPhoto: Photo: At the T-berg messhall entrance.  Front row left to right: Carl Underwood,Jill Underwood, Diana Sclesi and daughter Francescia.  Back row: VIcki Hischke, Tom Hischke, Phil Kono, daughter Jesse, son James, and wife KellyPhoto: Sandy GalloPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Left to right:  Sandra Gallo, Gina Fossler, Jill Underood, Tom Hischke and wife VIcki, and Carl Underwood Jr.Photo: Frank Castle, left, and John HauerPhoto: Dave Bauer, left, Paul Deehan and Chris Jones rightPhoto: Jill Underwood and son Carl Underwood III with "Pope's Revenge" in the backgroundPhoto: Kim Ritzheimer, Marla Downer, Gina Fossler, and Sandy Gallo at Teufelsberg tour signPhoto: Sandy Gallo atop TbergPhoto: Gina Fossler, Sandy Gallo, Kim Ritzheimer, and Marla Downer atop TbergPhoto: Graffiti inside Tberg towerPhoto: Gina Fossler in front of R&D on Tberg