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Photo: Being Brilliant - A photo from 8 years ago with a Canon 40D, this archive photo shows a bee easily finds a target in this brilliant orange flower at The Farm, an arts community, gardens and restaurant in Phoenix, Arizona.Photo: Early Morning Stretch - At The Farm of South Mountain this orange flower stretches out brilliantly to quest for sunlight.  An archive photo from 8 years ago, Phoenix, Arizona.Photo: Purple and Green Pop - An archive photo from 8 years ago at the Farm at South Mountain, Phoenix, Arizona.  I still don’t have an ID on these flowers, ideas?Photo: Green Zinnia - An unusual color of flower, this green zinnia was seen 8 years ago at The Farm of South Mountain, a rescued archive photo.Photo: Photo: ShamrockPhoto: Oxalis and Wandering JewPhoto: A third image of the wonderful oxalis plants blooming and flourishing at my home in central Phoenix right now. This is was taken with a macro lens right at ground height and the background comes from their proximity to a very large quartz and feldspar rock. I like these bright green shamrocks very much but when the plants blooms with tiny yellow ruffled flowers I will like them even more. BTW, they are considered weeds here and an invasive species. I've got 5 types in my yard. They only grow and last about 2 1/2 months and then disappear entirely until the next year. #naturePhoto: Centered Acacia Farensiana FlowerPhoto: Zing-ias!Photo: Tiny Red Cactus FlowerPhoto: Red Cactus Flower Center MacroPhoto: Tiny Red Cactus Flower, BloomingPhoto: Tiny Red Cactus Flower, Close-upPhoto: 5 Up, 1 Down - Datura Flower Center Macro  Another image from a series of photos in May of the giant blooming Datura flowers in Kris' garden in central Phoenix, Arizona.  For #floralfriday hosted by +Tamara Pruessner See the album for about 6 images total now of the various stages of this lovely but deadly plant.  All parts are poisonous!Photo: After FlowerPhoto: Thistle Flower Head with WebPhoto: Datura 5 (Stamens)Photo: Thistle Flower Head DetailPhoto: Sunny Acacia MorningPhoto: Backwards Sunflower with Sweet PeaPhoto: The Way I See FlowersPhoto: Caesalpinia Mexicana - Side View, BloomingPhoto: Caesalpinia Mexicana, BloomingPhoto: Orchid Tree Flower Center - a very close view of the center area of one pink flower on the tree full of flowers.  The stamens and pollen have just become open and available while the colorful petals form an inviting nest.Photo: Hong Kong Orchid Tree FlowersPhoto: Datura Patch BloomsPhoto: Angel's Trumpet FlowerPhoto: Datura BloomPhoto: Datura 5 MacroPhoto: Fibonacci Pinwheel, DaturaPhoto: Queen Anne's Lace, White BloomPhoto: Queen Anne's Lace, DetailPhoto: Green Queen Anne's LacePhoto: Bottle Brush, Bursting BloomPhoto: Sneaking UpPhoto: Bottle Brush Buds,BeePhoto: Joshua Tree Forest Parkway of Arizona, Hwy 93 - Sepia Version - This image is a version taken from the original which was as close to true color as I could get, since I was starting with a JPG image. See the monochrome version for better detail of high desert and rugged landscape and the color version for comparison.Photo: Joshua Tree Forest Parkway of Arizona, Hwy 93 - One image of an iconic view along Highway 93 going south from Wickieup to Wickenburg.  A thirty mile stretch of highway cuts through a most unusual forest, joshua trees growing in rare places in the American Southwest.Photo: Joshua Tree Forest Parkway of Arizona, Hwy 93 - Color Version - This image is as close to true color as I could get, since I was starting with a JPG image.  See the monochrome version for better detail of high desert and rugged landscape.Photo: Joshua Tree Forest Parkway of Arizona - Where would you be willing to walk, in the dark, with only what you can carry, just to leave central America to get to "Freedom" in the US?  Here is raw, real high desert in northwest Arizona between Wickenburg and Wikieup along Highway 93.  Seen near sunset today, the mountains in the background are ancient volcanoes that still persist, while the eroded soils provide the perfect soil conditions for an unusual tree, rarely found today in this world.Photo: Joshua Tree (Yucca) - A closer view at one branch or limb tipped with a cluster of fronds, giant yucca "tree" called the Joshua Tree.  This particular tree is likely at least a hundred years old if not hundreds!  Joshua Tree Forest Parkway of Arizona, along Highway 93.Photo: It's Yucca, Hot and Dry - Closer look into the branches of a very old Joshua tree, seen at the Joshua Tree Forest Parkway of Arizona.  The many tall yucca plants are very dry with large limbs sporting withered fronds.  These ancient plants may be targets for wildfire in this very dry summer.Photo: Desert Brush, a common shrub in Arizona, seen this morning  behind my hotel in Cottonwood, Arizona.  This was taken with my iPhone 4S, and maybe tomorrow morning I'll get out the "good camera" for more images and macro shots.  Treatment with sepia tone barely changes the true color I saw! #nature #arizona #iphoneography #iphone4s #sepiaPhoto: Taken with my iPhone 4S this morning, this is a close-up view of the Desert Brush shrub shared in four images straight from my phone earlier today.  This image has a small bit of photo editing done and is shared in my album to celebrate Arizona flora.  See the previous posts or the album to see more detail of this "Baccharis saronthroides" or see an old flickr image here:  http://www.flickr.com/photos/cobalt/4355666441/  #iphoneography #iphone4s #nature #arizonaPhoto: A whole lot of saguaro dominate one tall hill east of Globe along Highway 70 in the San Carlos Reservation area near Junction 8.  I saw this early in the morning on a drive for business, so I was looking for it during my return, and exactly as the Golden Hour came.  Like the image posted yesterday, the colors are so intense and nature dominates all.  #nature #arizona #arizonaphotography #cactusPhoto: A winter sight along many Arizona highways is the creosote bush, now withered and brown with bits of tiny and fluffy seed pods.  Normally it is light to medium green with yellow flowers.  It's a "wonder" since some creosote bushes can survive up to 1,100 years!  More information may be found on a nice Arizona plant ID website, linked below.  #nature #naturephotography #arizona #plants 
http://www.naturesongs.com/vvplants/creosote.htmlPhoto: Pink Flowers with Extras - Unknown flowering shrub seen at a Tubac shopping plaza in June, Arizona.  The intersting dried pods and the new buds seen at the top of this image are all parts of the plant mixed with the full pink blooms. iPhone 4S photo.Photo: An Orange for December - Oh the titles this image could have!  Perhaps "An Orange" would be enough?  Now in September in Arizona, this backyard tree will be full of delicious oranges that will be ripe in December.  Yes, they really are this vivid green on their way to our familiar image of orange oranges.Photo: Pigeons in a Palm Tree - In Arizona it is definitely not a place to see a partridge in a pear tree but you can see pigeons in the palms.  Tempe, Arizona.Photo: Facing the Cold, Brightly - No matter the cold and overcast skies here in "sunny Arizona", this time of year the red bougainvilla bushes are in full bloom and color.  This bough is perking up above the roof of my home.Photo: Glowing Cholla Cactus- This detail view of cholla cactus glows with backlight in the late afternoon in the Tonto Basin of Arizona. So beautiful and they seem so "friendly" but most assuredly, never fall into one or get close enough to touch this cactus. Some cholla cactus even have buds that will fall off and just the vibrations of a person walking near them will cause a bud to "jump" and affix tightly to your skin and clothing. This plant was photographed along Highway 87 near the Mazatzal Mountain range northest of Phoenix.Photo: Cholla Cactus Glow - This detail view of cholla cactus glows with backlight in the late afternoon in the Tonto Basin of Arizona.  So beautiful and they seem so "friendly" but most assuredly, never fall into one or get close enough to touch this cactus.  Some cholla cactus even have buds that will fall off and just the vibrations of a person walking near them will cause a bud to "jump" and affix tightly to your skin and clothing.  This plant was photographed along Highway 87 near the Mazatzal Mountain range northest of Phoenix.Photo: Spring Spires, Yellow Aloe Blooms

Urban nature seen in the Golden Hour, central Phoenix, Arizona
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+D Stuart I am looking forward to seeing your photos taken at this same home near 16th Street and Osborn.  I bet you have not noticed the "other" photo I posted for CBBA.

To my CBBA homies, yes, taken with manual settings, woot!Photo: Fresh Desert Marigolds, Urban Nature

A fun and bright focus to see in the Golden Hour just before sunset in central Phoenix, these desert marigold flowers "chose" the perfect setting against the homeowner's work van.  Taken handheld with a 400mm f/5.6L lens.
#flowerphotography   #phoenixaz   #urbannature   #goldenhour   #goldenhourphotographyPhoto: PSA This is NOT a Macro Photo of Grass

Just a point I've been wanting to make for some time in Google+ since I am a fan of macro photography and I've so enjoyed the Macro Monday theme in Google+, tagged as #macromonday .  As a long time contributor, I am so happy that +Sandra Parlow and +Jeff Moreau are keeping it going since our intrepid curators +Kelli Seeger Kim and +Kerry Murphy "retired".  Since some folks know me as a long time Admin of the popular flickr group Closer and Closer Macro Photography, I wanted to post a link to what we define as eligible images for the pool there:  https://www.flickr.com/groups/closer_and_closer/rules/

Guess what, this photo I am sharing is most certainly NOT A MACRO!  It is a close view of grass heads but I used a telephoto lens on a crop sensor dSLR and this is a crop of the frame.  It is a large image and I've only shared it at half the image size I edited. I was about 10 feet away and handheld a powerful, heavy telephoto lens. I know most of my contacts in G+ will glance at this photo and assume "macro" but it is not.  I'd like to invite discussion about this topic here and invite also friends +Patricia McDermott and +Bernard Ortiz and +Doug Welch offer comments on this topic as well.

Is it possible to fight the tide of general opinion that "macro" photos are just very close views and clarify with a bit of technical information what macro photography is all about?  I tend to be lenient when I view supposed macro images but seriously at some point folks will benefit more from some gentle guidance.  When you see REAL MACRO it is a whole new world!

#macrophotography   #macro4all   #macromaniacs   #nature   #grasses   #riosaladoriparian   #phoenixazPhoto: #wordlesswednesday   #wordlessonwednesdayPhoto: Acacia Skyscape
For Floral Friday, a yellow skyscape of a blooming acacia tree in Phoenix, Arizona. Happy Friday and TGIF! #floralfriday   #floralphotography 

The perfect blooming season for the many acacia trees in Arizona, this yellow flowering tree has so many blooms there are few leaves to be seen.

Curated by +Tamara Pruessner +Kiki Nelson +Beth Akerman +Eustace James Please click on the hashtags for more floral goodness and cheer today!
#acacia   #acaciatree   #yellowcircle   #yellow   #colorfieldPhoto: Hot Flowers in a Hot Place
Prickly Pear Cactus Bouquet

In the Golden Hour the rich yellow and red tones of these prickly pear flowers are still vibrant against the high contrast in light and shadow.
For Floral Friday, curated by +Tamara Pruessner +Kiki Nelson +Eustace James and +Beth Akerman Have some Friday cheer with a look at #floralfriday 
#cactusflowers   #flowerphotography   #flowerpower   #pricklypear   #phoenixaz   #colorsonfridayPhoto: Family Conversation on Mother's Day

(Cam, John and I getting out of the car after dinner out tonight)
Me: "Oh I am so stuffed, what a great dinner!  When you open the door the dogs will mob us."
Cam: "Yeah, they are usually never alone."
Me:  "John, can you go ahead and feed them right away?"
John:  "Sure".
(Cam opens the door.)
(Buddy is leaping at the door with joy.)
Pause for dramatic effect
Cam: "Those Bastards!!!!!"
Let's just say we did not have to worry about feeding the dogs supper, as we saw the kitchen waste can and contents strewn over the whole living room and kitchen!

Ah, Mother's Day - a very nice and very normal day around our household.  We were especially delighted that Drew had been picked up earlier this afternoon for an overnight with one of his caregivers.  So, the three of us remaining family were so pleased to have a 24 hour period of relaxation.  Drew had had a seizure earlier in the morning, so we were all still on edge in case it would happen again. It didn't since the new VNS device stopped it this morning (See earlier post today) and so everyone was excited that Drew would be able to go on his outing.

Now, about the photo - I took a series of these honeysuckle images just before dinner tonight.

Honeysuckle Season
The tall honeysuckle plants in our backyard are in full bloom.  This must be the perfect weather for the orange, trumpet-shaped flowers.  Image taken during the Golden Hour when the strong light from the West lights some of the clusters of blooms.
#honeysuckle   #orangeflowers   #orangecircle   #phoenixazPhoto: Hey There, It's Flower Friday!
Posies Popping in Tucson
Even though I'm in Tucson for the rocks and gems this week it is impossible to ignore the glorious color pop of so many blooming flowers.  These are from a garden bed at the Westward Look Resort in northeast Tucson.  And not only are these colors warm, it IS warm here now with a week reaching 80 degrees and more daily.  Perfect weather for events that take place all over the city at over 40 venues, with hundreds of vendors and outdoor tents.
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BTW, I bet Tamara is missing "her" flowers since she left Tucson for Texas recently!Photo: Prickly Pear Cactus, Westward Look Resort
Very healthy prickly pear cactus with such nice shapes and showing good contrast in light and dark with late afternoon sun in Tucson.
#cactus   #pricklypear   #arizona   #naturePhoto: *Now THIS is What I'm Talkin' About"
Instead of the other image in color of this marvelous, healthy prickly pear cactus, I like this cropped version far better.  Better enough I gave it an unusual size/non-standard and posted it in a larger pixel dimension than usual.  This is for viewing, not printing, and preferably zoom in too.  Of course I have a large image file in my hard drive and likely will print this one out next time I come across a great deal on a large print.

A Prickly Crowd
Prickly pear cactus at the Westward Look Resort, in Tucson, February.Photo: Out and Upward, Cactus
A centered view of one very healthy cactus at the Westward Look Resort in Tucson, Arizona.
#cactus   #canonusers   #canonphotographers   #tucsonazPhoto: *Kangaroo's Paw, Arizona *
An unusual plant available in Arizona, from a famous flowering plant from Australia.  This variety is pink with fuzzy pink buds and tiny, delicate yellow flowers.  Planted this last week in my yard in central Arizona.  iPhone 6 Plus photo. Yes, I will try to get my real camera out soon to capture a proper macro photo.  This one is posted for +FloralFriday  #floralfriday  hosted by +Tamara Pruessner and +Eustace James and +Kiki Nelson and +Beth Akerman I bet this is the first Kangaroo Paw photo posted for Floral Friday.  I hear the plant will last only 3 to 5 years, which may be the span of time we live in this rented home in central Phoenix.  Right now the plant is about 20" tall with about 20 stems.  I got it for the front of my home to accent the rock garden under the picture window.  Supposedly the sunny location will help. PS.  To me it looks like a pink flower but it is really only the buds that are fuzzy and pink.  The actual flower is the tiny yellow surrounded by green sepals.
#pinkcircle   #pinkflower   #yellowflower   #kangaroopaw   #phoenixaz   #gardening   #flowerphotography   #flowerpower   #iphone6plus   #iphoneography  Photo: Rio Salado Wildflowers, Backlit - Shot with a 400mm prime lens, Canon 7D handheld, one fine Spring day at the Rio Salado Nature Preserve in central Phoenix, Arizona.Photo: Between and Among - Yellow wildflower patch between the grass rushes, Rio Salado Habitat Preserve in central Phoenix, Arizona.Photo: Not Easy Being Green - A common landscape shrub in Arizona, this healthy plant does better with partial shade during the day.  This image was taken with iPhone 6 Plus in the early morning, Tucson, Arizona.Photo: Life Springs - An agave plant keeps sending up fronds in a cluster, green springing forth from the center as the advance fronds wither in the desert heat.  Tucson, Arizona, with iPhone 6 Plus.Photo: Bursting Green - An agave plant seen around the Country Inn and Suites hotel in Tucson, iPhone 6 Plus photo.  We are in a heat wave and all plants are under great stress at this time.Photo: Varigated with Teeth - A cropped image of a healthy agave, seen at the Country Inn, Tucson, Arizona.  iPhone 6 Plus photo.Photo: Give a Fig - Figs coming literally hot and heavy at my home in central Phoenix.  This is an April image and now the heat wave has been so long and intense, most figs are way past ripe but the birds are grateful.Photo: 6 Year Cactus Flower
Six years after getting a tiny, perfect circle cactus, a flower has blooming from a tiny and fuzzy bud.  There are six more of these buds, so I watch daily for blooms.  This cactus flower lasted only one day and then drooped and withered in the July heat.  For +FloralFriday  #floralfriday  curated by +Tamara Pruessner +Eustace James +Beth Akerman +Kiki Nelson Photo: Fiver
Tomorrow this small, six year old cactus will have five large cactus flowers.  At home in Phoenix, Arizona, in the middle of endless weeks of high heat.  Apparently this plant likes it since I provided a bit a shade.  This is the plant I shared a week ago with the amazing, perfect flower, also taken with my cellphone.  Tomorrow morning early I will be out there with my macro lens on a real camera.  The first comment will have a link to the fun flower I posted last week.  That one seemed to get many thousands of views and so many faves.
#cactusflower  Photo: Fiver Cactus Flowers - First time in six years a small cactus has bloomed!  These flowers last only one day and wither quickly in the July heat, Phoenix, Arizona.Photo: Inside Insight
Macro photo of the center inside of a small cactus flower bloom, Phoenix, Arizona. Yes, if you wonder, this is one of the five cactus flowers that surprised me last week by blooming after six years of growth from a small household cactus.  Late Friday night is still time for #floralfriday  right?  Hosted by +Tamara Pruessner +Eustace James +Beth Akerman and +Kiki Nelson 
#cactusflower   #macroflower   #flowermacro  Photo: Pink Snap - Majestic and tall snapdragons in Phoenix, Arizona in Spring.Photo: Prickly Pear Cactus Flowers - A pretty bouquet or array of cactus flowers, seen in April in Phoenix, Arizona.Photo: Hedge Flowers, Macro with iPhone - Very tiny white flowers bloom in a few places on tall hedges in front of my home.  iPhone 6 Plus with Lightroom and Photoshop editing.Photo: Luminous Cactus Flower - One of the three delicate cactus flowers blooming in full glory in the contrasting light of Arizona sun. One of the smaller cactus “daughters” is shown to the lower right.Photo: Cactus Sweet - A small flower blooming on a small potted cactus, seen very close on the morning it bloomed, Phoenix, Arizona.Photo: The Ring - A close view of a tiny and delicate cactus flower seen at my home during the annual flowering of a small, potted cactus.Photo: Drawing of the Three - The three glowing flowers of a small potted cactus rise up about 8 inches above the top.  In the high contrast light of sunny Arizona, the delicate pink flowers glow as they face the sunlight.Photo: Late to the Party- A few days after the three large cactus flowers bloomed from the larger mother cactus, a smaller bud formed one perfect flower. iPhone 6 Plus photo, Phoenix, AZ.Photo: Complex and Prickly - A close view of this cactus defense system, spines and spikes form a barrier.  Seen at the Barrows Neurological Rehabilitation Center in Phoenix, Arizona.Photo: 2 Boxwood Flowers, Macro - Born this morning, these delicate flowers will bloom only one day and then shrivel in the Arizona sun and heat by the next morning.Photo: Boxwood Hedge Flowers - A macro view of the tiny white flowers that occasionally appear on the boxwood hedges at my home in central Phoenix, Arizona.Photo: Boxwood Flower, Macro - A detail view of a tiny white flower about 3/8” diameter, and the leaves and buds of this hedge plant at my home in central Phoenix, Arizona.Photo: Desert Plants on Purpose - Nine tiled portraits of desert plants at Barrow Neuro-Rehab Center, part of Dignity Health in Phoenix, Arizona.  iPhone 6 Plus photos in May of 1016.  All plants are in the landscaping surrounding the facility.Photo: Yet There is Green - Hardy bougainvillia vines with scarlet flowers decorate a business lucky to have a few trees on Grand Avenue make lush composition in the desert of Phoenix, Arizona.Photo: Texas Sage Bush, in Arizona - A popular landscaping bush in Phoenix, this pretty plant with purple flowers sings out in a slim cover of shade while the sun around it is blazing and strong.Photo: Photo: Brighten My DayPhoto: Purple Pansy and Pollen - A brilliant purple pansy at blooming peak with pollen galore.  At my home in Phoenix, Arizona.Photo: Desert Landscaping, Resort - Pretty desert landscape plants and setting at the Westward Look resort in Tucson, Arizona in February.Photo: Prickly Pear Photogenic - Seen at the entrance to the lobby of the Westward Look resort, Tucson, Arizona.Photo: Pencil Plant Vivid - A closer view of the vibrant succulent called the Pencil Plant, richer yet in Golden Hour light against a great blue painted wall at the Barrio Cafe, alley side in central Phoenix.Photo: It's Complicated - A pencil plant the size of a tree, central Phoenix, Arizona at the Barrio Cafe on 16th Street, March.Photo: Orange Smoothy - Aloe flowers in the Golden Hour  just glow and glow, Phoenix, Arizona.Photo: Calling for Quote - Another image of a section of a tall stalk with orange flowers, aloe plant.  This composition seemed just right for an inspiration quote.  Golden Hour in central Phoenix.Photo: Golden Hour Aloe Flowers - A simple stalk of an aloe plant rises tall with drop-shaped orange flowers.  Along 16th Street behind the alley where many colorful murals also bloom in central Phoenix.Photo: Allo Aloe - Orange flowers of the aloe plant are in full bloom in Phoenix, Arizona to the delight of bees and hummingbirds.  Close view of the flowering cluster on a tall stalk.Photo: Hibiscus in March - Seen in a neighbor’s yard next to a laundromat, this red hibiscus flower commands attention.  iPhone 6 Plus, central Phoenix, Arizona.Photo: Hibiscus Detail - The closest view of a brilliant red hibiscus flower in March, central Phoenix, Arizona.