25 Photos - May 11, 2013
Photo: Collecting all the parts lost & putting the cars back together after the first 3 kms :-)Photo: That one couldn't be fixed!Photo: The girls got us bit lost @ times and the boys thought they found the coziest tracks yet :-)Photo: Realy?Photo: Not often that I see my car this way :-)Photo: Luly finding a cavePhoto: Cyclone found it, thank god we had good walking boots :-)Photo: Photo: Photo: An "unexpected" cavePhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: :-)Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Oops, a bit hard to continue now!Photo: These girls and Therese are about to get l ... or... walk to where the boys prep lunch!Photo: The Silverado Truckosaurus with it's appropriate warning lights!Photo: As you can see, the boys work hard, as usual!Photo: Cyclone attracting a new club member :-)Photo: YummyPhoto: ... still waiting for the girls ...Photo: ... still waiting ... TO BE CONTINUED ... one day :-)