395 Photos - Apr 9, 2013
Photo: It's been a loooong day:-)Photo: Gorge RockPhoto: Close to Dempster RockPhoto: NicePhoto: Ok, let the fun begin :-)Photo: YahoohPhoto: Old water tank along the Lake King Norseman Rd.Photo: Photo: Lunch @ a look out over one of the salt lakes south of Bremer RangePhoto: Photo: Photo: Looks interesting aheadPhoto: Only one way throughPhoto: :-)Photo: Puddles everywherePhoto: Photo: First glimpse of Peak CharlesPhoto: Photo: Peak CharlesPhoto: HehePhoto: Photo: Photo: Camp south of Peak CharlesPhoto: Let's climb the Peak!Photo: Photo: Photo: Almost there ...Photo: ... there!Photo: Photo: Photo: Great views all aroundPhoto: Time for a shower!Photo: The car park belowPhoto: The Peak and Luly just below the PeakPhoto: Photo: Dog Rock in the distancePhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Peak Eleanora in the distancePhoto: On the way downPhoto: Why walk if you can slide :-)Photo: Can u c the mountain climbers?Photo: More salt lakes along the road all filled with waterPhoto: One way to get some mud off!Photo: Around Bromus DamPhoto: Bromus DamPhoto: No train on the trackPhoto: Photo: Lake DundasPhoto: The lone grave on Lake DundasPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: The Telegraph track xing over Lake Dundas, almost dry.Photo: Photo: Photo: Happy Easter :-)Photo: Luly hunting :-)Photo: Good news except for the southern Telegraph TrackPhoto: Photo: Photo: Condingup Tavern - a great place for a good meal!Photo: The photographer had on too many :-)Photo: What? Yap, she definitely had one too many :-)Photo: View from the Condingup lookoutPhoto: East of WhartonPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Hard tracks and soup in the middlePhoto: Dinner on the beachPhoto: Can u c the man in the moon?Photo: Goooood morning :-)Photo: Photo: Alexander RiverPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Heading east on Alexander BayPhoto: Alexander River meets the oceanPhoto: Photo: Photo: Time to take some more air out!Photo: Track through the rocky outcropsPhoto: Bogger ... but just a little one :-)Photo: The end of this track!Photo: Photo: Oh dear, another Bogger!Photo: Photo: Time to repay the favourPhoto: An interesting rubbish binPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Alexander BayPhoto: This must be Fiji over there :-)Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Mike gone exploringPhoto: Photo: Cyclone looking for new land :-)Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Along Blackboy CreekPhoto: Climbing the rock at Blackboy CreekPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: West of the rockPhoto: East of the rockPhoto: Photo: Photo: More puddlesPhoto: Photo: Back along the Kennedy TrackPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Traffic Hazard Ahead - Yap, the ocean!Photo: Camp @ Cape AridPhoto: We're heading towards Mt AridPhoto: Across some rocky outcrops ...Photo: Photo: ... then hike to the bottom of Mt Arid:-(   Why walk it when you could drive it?Photo: That's a loooong walk!Photo: ScratchyPhoto: Thanks for the warning :-)Photo: Photo: Nice viewsPhoto: Photo: More tight tracksPhoto: Some almost overgrownPhoto: And now the loooong climb to the top!Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Rock pool @ the topPhoto: Photo: Photo: We made it!Photo: Photo: Time for a shower again :-)Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Ah good, now they tell us where to go!Photo: Barrier IslandPhoto: Photo: Arid Bay and its commercial fishing campPhoto: Photo: Photo: Helping out a localPhoto: Cyclone's wild beautyPhoto: Xing Jenamullup CreekPhoto: Photo: Little Tagon BayPhoto: Camp @ Thomas FisheryPhoto: Mr CrabbyPhoto: Photo: High above Cape AridPhoto: View from CampPhoto: Smokey's LullabirdPhoto: The wreck @ Thomas FisheryPhoto: Inspector Cyclone givin the wreck a NO PASS ...Photo: ... cause it's missin a propeller :-)Photo: Lullabird found a castlePhoto: Mt Arid from the eastPhoto: Photo: Visiting Hill SpringsPhoto: The ruins @ Hill SpringsPhoto: Photo: Photo: Xing Poison Creek to get to the beachPhoto: The beach @ Poison CreekPhoto: The ocean and poison creekPhoto: The beach @ Seal CreekPhoto: Photo: Jorndee CreekPhoto: Photo: Photo: Jorndee Creek meets the oceanPhoto: Photo: Lunch @ Condingup TavernPhoto: Time for a new signPhoto: Great catchPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Where Fisheries Rd gets soft :-)Photo: Photo: Photo: More puddles ...Photo: ... lots of them :-)Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Nice paint jobsPhoto: Photo: A ruin towards Point MalcolmPhoto: A property towards Point MalcolmPhoto: Photo: The beach @ Point MalcolmPhoto: Photo: Point Malcolm - fantastic!Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Black rock with designsPhoto: An ocean show hard to present with pictures!Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: The different colors of mud on my bonnet :-)Photo: West of Point MalcolmPhoto: Photo: Photo: Camp @ Point MalcolmPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Seaweed BeachPhoto: Photo: Heading north along the eastern side of Lake DaringdellaPhoto: Photo: The cemetery @ Israelite BayPhoto: Photo: The Old Telegraph StationPhoto: Photo: HellouwPhoto: Photo: Photo: Heading towards Point DempsterPhoto: Photo: View south west from Point DempsterPhoto: Photo: Photo: The old jetty @ Israelite BayPhoto: Point LorenzenPhoto: Point LorenzenPhoto: Photo: Photo: Cooks Cottage "Glencoe" 1883Photo: Photo: Heading south on the western side of Lake Daringdella to find Gora TrackPhoto: Photo: Photo: We found it!Photo: More water along the track!Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Mount RaggedPhoto: Photo: InboundPhoto: Photo: Great views from Mt RaggedPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Juranda Rockhole - full of water!Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Heinsman Rock - full of water!Photo: Oopps!Photo: Photo: The graves @ Balbinia HmstdPhoto: Balbinia HomesteadPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Oopps, I tangled my pen in my hair :-)Photo: Photo: Balbinia Homestead from Rays RockPhoto: Photo: Photo: Deralinya HomesteadPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Booanya RockPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Therese conquering the topPhoto: Photo: Nanambinia HomesteadPhoto: Photo: Photo: Mirror mirror on the wall ... :-)Photo: CosyPhoto: Photo: The ruins @ NanambiniaPhoto: Transport @ Nanambinia :-)Photo: The gate on Balladonia trackPhoto: A great swop shop :-)Photo: Huston we have a Lullabird :-)Photo: Lunch @ BalladoniaPhoto: Ms Lizzy @ BalladoniaPhoto: Rockpool @ Afghan RockPhoto: Old grader at Guralia RockPhoto: The old telegraph track towards Norseman ...Photo: ... with interruptions :-)Photo: Photo: Old telegraph poles through the salt lakePhoto: In need for a different route!Photo: WildlifePhoto: Photo: The old telegraph track with lots of fallen trees!Photo: All salt lakes where filled with waterPhoto: Photo: Great reflectionsPhoto: Photo: My favorite picPhoto: Mr Garden OrbPhoto: Camp along the old telegraph trackPhoto: Photo: My "favorite" hitch hiker so far!Photo: He was there to stay!Photo: Photo: Preventative maintenancePhoto: Luly, don't drive off now!Photo: Oh wow!Photo: Photo: Photo: All fixed :-)Photo: The Xing @ Lake Dundas from the east ... we made it!Photo: Photo: Photo: A famous cricket pitchPhoto: One of them should not be there :-)Photo: Norseman & LulyPhoto: The entrance to the minePhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Lake JohnstonPhoto: Photo: Photo: Rock pool on Mt Mc DermidPhoto: A marble at Mt Mc DermidPhoto: The marble @ Mt Mc DermidPhoto: Photo: Photo: A beautiful salmon gum treePhoto: Some great weather brewing :-)Photo: Better let him go first :-)Photo: Nice diff :-)Photo: The breakawaysPhoto: The three wise men :-)Photo: Camp within the breakawaysPhoto: Enjoying the camp fire from under the awning in the rain with a nice thunderstorm to follow tonight!Photo: Photo: Still drizzling during breakfast with a great lightning show last night!Photo: Photo: Photo: Rain clearingPhoto: Blue skies again, just like the rest of the past week!Photo: Let's go moon next :-)