114 Photos - Mar 13, 2013
Photo: Rusty's on his way southPhoto: Sue's BridgePhoto: Photo: Photo: Patrick, Allan & Riley at Possy PoolPhoto: Ross, Dave, Patrick, Luly & Allan admiring the Blackwood  RiverPhoto: Heading west ... towards the big waterfall :-)Photo: Smokey's laundry dryerPhoto: I used my little handsaw and cut the trunk but ... it was too much work so I stopped and we drove over it :-)Photo: Photo: Photo: Pommy the "Fashionister"Photo: Photo: Swimming @ Barrabup PoolPhoto: Luly showing how it's donePhoto: Rusty ... very elegant, like a feather light ballerina :-)Photo: Watch out Rusty inbound Pommy from above!Photo: Photo: Is that head first or feet first Allan?Photo: Patrick trying to empty the poolPhoto: Photo: Saffia pretending to be injured as well :-)Photo: Looks like both Riley and Saffia have a broken hand :-)Photo: The old rail bridge in NannupPhoto: The water levels of the past way above the bridgePhoto: The Blackwood River in NannupPhoto: LunchPhoto: Red Gully swimming holePhoto: Afternoon swimm @ Sue'sPhoto: Rusty's tenantPhoto: Photo: Xing Hut PoolPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Exploring Alexandra BridgePhoto: Photo: Remnants of the original  Alexandra BridgePhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: The old water wheelPhoto: Looking south from Cosy CornerPhoto: Photo: Knobby HeadPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: North of Hamelin BayPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Lunch in paradisePhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Dhana & Luly playing with the wavesPhoto: Photo: Photo: Bride's cavePhoto: Big tone swimming holePhoto: Photo: Chapman's poolPhoto: Beauty and the BeastPhoto: Nice reflections east of Hut PoolPhoto: Photo: FivesiesPhoto: Photo: Blake's camp :-)Photo: Heading towards east AugustaPhoto: Photo: Around the mouth of the Blackwood RiverPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Smokey & SmashPhoto: Pluto coming through the dunes track @ White PointPhoto: Photo: Photo: White PointPhoto: Blake & SaffiaPhoto: Over the dunes and along the beach on the other side of the dunesPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Black PointPhoto: WowPhoto: Photo: Photo: Now you can see the pool ...Photo: ... now you can not :-)Photo: Photo: Photo: The coast line east of Black PointPhoto: Photo: Ruins on Jasper BeachPhoto: Photo: Lake Jasper BluePhoto: Lake Jasper GreenPhoto: BluePhoto: Photo: Lake Jasper retirement village :-)Photo: Crossing the mighty DonnellyPhoto: Photo: The race is onPhoto: It's gettn tight! ... To be continued :-)