13 Photos - Nov 25, 2012
Photo: First sandy hill climbPhoto: Fish'n his new toy on top of the hillPhoto: How nice, Fish taking a picture of Smokey taking a picture of Fish :-)Photo: The best spot in the world to have lunchPhoto: Dallas, Luly, Boatman & LouisePhoto: Ethan enjoying the beachPhoto: Photo: Oh no, Fish has de-rimitated his new truck ...Photo: ... yap, this roady's off the rim ...Photo: ... but no problem, with the help of his mates Fish POPPED the rubber back onto it's rim in no time :-)Photo: Dallas a bit stuckPhoto: a bit of winch recovery from Boatman's "OWAF" (as anchor) and we're on the move againPhoto: Time to add some more pressure to the tyres :-(