18 Photos - Aug 8, 2013
Photo: Photo: Here at Walmart Laguna Niguel for a little Saturday shopping!Photo: Right when you walk in the door there is a Walmart ad with lots of tasty recipes! It's like a meal plan ready made for you with all the ingredients you need to buy! Fabulous.Photo: I'm always on the lookout for rollbacks, and this is a good one since I've got kids!Photo: Before I do any serious shopping, I have to stop and pick up my $1 drink at McDonalds in Walmart!Photo: Look at these cookies by Keebler! They sound just like my favorite Girl Scout cookies, so they went in the cart. Great price!Photo: And across the way, these boxes of candy would be great for movie night!Photo: I found the Velveeta Cheesy Skillet Singles with the other prepared pastas. I thought they would be with the box mixes, but since they are already prepared, they fit better in this aisle.Photo: The Velveeta Cheesy Skillets Singles offer a new, more adult option to the traditional prepared canned pastas.Photo: I love the different meal choices! I was drawn to the chicken alfredo, but I would also like to try the Ultimate Cheeseburger Mac.Photo: The Velveeta Cheesy Skillet Singles have lots of great ingredients besides sauce and cheese! I like some added protein to keep my family full.Photo: I really like that the dinners are all around 300 calories. So low for a meal!Photo: I had to make a stop for toothpaste for the kids. I love their wide selection of children's toothpastes. I found one for my daughter and one for my son. No fighting!Photo: Did you know Walmart carries fabric? These purples would make a lovely quilt!Photo: I always stop in the kids dept. Look at these darling swimsuits!Photo: I'm glad my daughter was not with me, or we would have had to buy something from the Hello Kitty collection!Photo: Last stop for some coconut milk! I found a syrup recipe I want to try!Photo: I can't believe I got all this for $12! Great deals!