207 Photos - Apr 30, 2015
Photo: Bangkok SkylinePhoto: Singapore's Amazing BuildingsPhoto: Photo: Photo: Raffles Hotel names after Sir Stamford Raffle - member of the British East India CompanyPhoto: Photo: Singapore SlingPhoto: Sentosa Island with Universal StudiosPhoto: Singapore at dusk from the fantailPhoto: Cable car to Sentosa IslandPhoto: Singapore at nightPhoto: Hotel with the pink and orange lights is the Hard Rock which changes colorsPhoto: A beautiful sunsetPhoto: Phuket ThailandPhoto: Photo: Photo: Pn our way to Ao Nang National ParkPhoto: Muslim floating villagePhoto: Photo: Photo: Earthquake caused part of the rock to split offPhoto: Traffic jamPhoto: James Bond IslandPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: On our way back to the floating village. You can just see the mosque in the center of the picture.Photo: Precarious walkwaysPhoto: Satelite dish amongst the laundryPhoto: Photo: Colored chicksPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Buddhist temple in a cavePhoto: Photo: Photo: Chocolate extravaganzaPhoto: The 7 layer cake is at the back - yummy!Photo: How to choose?Photo: Samurai pineapplePhoto: Cochin India from the dockPhoto: What's in that truck?Photo: The elephant is on his way to a festival.Photo: Photo: Hallway to kitchen on the houseboat tourPhoto: Photo: The houseboats come in all sizesPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Lady is doing laundry in the canal.Photo: Cooking lunchPhoto: Photo: The queen is in the front of the boat.Photo: Making our way to the lakePhoto: Photo: Gate of India - place to catch a ferry to Elephanta Cave in MumbaiPhoto: Lots of boats sitting around.Photo: Leaving the Gate of IndiaPhoto: Wonder if this island was used during WWII?Photo: If you're too tired to walk the 300 steps you can be carried up in these chairs.Photo: Elephanta Cave - UNESCOPhoto: Photo: Photo: Kids on a school tripPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Amazing carvings!Photo: One of the monkeys was after my 7Up bottle. Gary had to be my protector as it was very agressive. The monkey growled at us. That was a new experience!Photo: Mother and babyPhoto: Photo: The busiest train station in the world.Photo: Dhobi Ghat outdoor laundryPhoto: Each cubicle is a washing stationPhoto: Photo: Photo: Only cow we saw in MumbaiPhoto: poppadom drying in the sunPhoto: A 2 billion dollar home.Photo: There was an old woman....Photo: View of Mumbai from the Hanging GardenPhoto: Frankensense from Oman is a sap from a tree. When melted is produces a nice fragrancePhoto: Photo: Photo: Entrance to the Taqah CastlePhoto: Our guide standing next to the Frankensense treePhoto: Photo: I think the Castle is more a Fort.Photo: Photo: Photo: Wadi Derbat - a reacration area - especailly after the rainy season.Photo: Photo: Photo: Sumhuram RuinsPhoto: Photo: Dirt from the latest archeological dig.Photo: The old port needs to be dreged.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: The outside walls are so thick (see right side)Photo: Photo: Bin Ali's TombPhoto: Old CemetaryPhoto: Photo: Photo: The uninhabited city of Mirbat with it's African slave marketPhoto: Slave MarketPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Bangaladish sailors in OmanPhoto: Photo: Photo: The shuttle bus stopped atthis nice resort in Safaga Egypt.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Everything at Sand City is made with sand!Photo: Putting the final touches on Julius CeasarPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Superman & Ironman are in the background.Photo: The new marina area of Hurgada EgyptPhoto: Yes, the water is really that blue!Photo: Fish marketPhoto: Photo: One of Hurgada's mosquesPhoto: I'm ready to go inside.Photo: Inside the mosquePhoto: Locals enjoying the weather at Aqaba, JordanPhoto: Photo: A nice man we talked with at the marina of AqabaPhoto: A poor job of putting on lipstick while blindfolded.Photo: The Gala Tea TimePhoto: Photo: This chef was such a great guy!Photo: Katie (social hostess) & the Executive ChefPhoto: Map of the ancient Roman city of Zippora Israel.Photo: What remains of the main street of the city.Photo: Wonder what this building was with all the columns?Photo: Photo: The mayor's private toilet. Notice the canal for automatic flushing.Photo: Beautiful mosaic made with tiny pieces of tile. The mayor was an important man!Photo: Photo: The amphitheater is still in use.Photo: This mosic isn't as fine a piece of art. Archeologiest think is was a display piece in a tile store.Photo: Is this suppose to be a lady with one boob showing?Photo: The visitor center of the crusader town of Acco, Israel.Photo: Inside the fortifications.Photo: A view of earth still remaining in unexcavated areas.Photo: The dining hall where Richard the Lion Hearted ate.Photo: Photo: There use to be a roof over this area where prisioners from modern times would exercise.Photo: The latrine for the Knights. Written records state it was a horrible place.Photo: Making bread.Photo: Photo: Looking south to the city of Haifa.Photo: Cable car ride down to the natural caves.Photo: Photo: Photo: A military presents at the Israel/Lebanon boarder.Photo: The boarder.Photo: Alanya, TurkeyPhoto: Photo: I want an apartment here on this hillside.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Maybe this is a view from my future apartment!Photo: Turkish teenagers putting on a show for Norwegian IndependencePhoto: Photo: Can you see the pictures on the sails of the tourist ship?Photo: Old Rhodes City, GreecePhoto: Did the colassus of Rhodes straddle this harbor entrance?Photo: The Aegean pebble beach.Photo: The Olympic arenaPhoto: Anthony Quinn BayPhoto: Lindos city with the acropolis on top of the hill.Photo: St John's BayPhoto: The remains of the amphitheaterPhoto: Climbing to the topPhoto: Still climbingPhoto: The old temple had a location good enough for the Gods.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Wonder if the Temple doors ever looked this beautiful?Photo: The Mediterranean Sea BeachPhoto: Remains of the buildings inside the fortress of the Knights of St JohnPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: The main gatePhoto: Photo: I loved this courtyard.Photo: Photo: