25 Photos - Mar 6, 2015
Photo: Silom market underneath the skytrainPhoto: Yummy. We have the banana flower in a salad!Photo: The kids were very talented.Photo: Chao Phraya River & it's ferriesPhoto: ChinatownPhoto: Our lunch - Peking duckPhoto: The skin of the duck is wrapped in a crepe with cucumber, green onion and pepper. Not my favorite.Photo: Cowslip flowers used in food.Photo: Starting on Left, Cassie, Servio, Sam (owner of restaurant)Photo: Photo: A walk in Lumpini ParkPhoto: Photo: Interesting art - a turtle shell (typically meaning longevity, power, and tenacity) surrounded by zodiac signs represented as eggs, the two chairs have the flag of Japan and Thailand. Any guesses?Photo: Photo: Too hot to be pedaling around with a swan.Photo: How many people does it take to change a light bulb? In this case, at least 5. They are taking down the top 2 levels of the scaffolding.Photo: This "current" production of Beauty and the Beast can be seen in the year 2558.Photo: Queen Sirikit Convention CenterPhoto: Benjakiti ParkPhoto: TafficPhoto: Soi CowboyPhoto: Pink chicken - not really. The light coming through the red umbrella has colored the chickenPhoto: Photo: The Thais love their greens.Photo: