87 Photos - Feb 2, 2015
Photo: Gary found this great one cup coffee productPhoto: Nawarat Bridge, street goes straight into old cityPhoto: Photo: The Thai's love their KingPhoto: Love this!Photo: How can you not be impressed?Photo: Photo: We have a pigeon problem on the deck but Gary has a plan.Photo: Sunrise from the deck.Photo: The Thai's always have great items to display at the markets.Photo: What a way to sell the internet provider.Photo: Warorot MarketPhoto: Ton Lamyai MarketPhoto: Now I know where to come to buy my orchidsPhoto: The Sunday market along the maain street of the old cityPhoto: Colorful sushiPhoto: Blind musiciansPhoto: map of the shops in the market areaPhoto: Moat going around the old city. You can just see an ornate building in the upper right.Photo: Inside the wallPhoto: The eccentric's buildingsPhoto: Photo: This ceiling should be in France not ThailandPhoto: Photo: Photo: Wat Lok MoleePhoto: Elephants greet the visitorPhoto: Photo: Photo: The decorations are even under the overhang.Photo: Elephants holding up the chediPhoto: This Wat must love horsesPhoto: A doggy treadmillPhoto: Elephants holding up the chediPhoto: Photo: Tulips in bloom in ThailandPhoto: Laundry day for the monksPhoto: What a doorPhoto: What a GatePhoto: Wat Chedi Luang, tallest building for 500 yearsPhoto: Photo: Hey Mike look where we are!Photo: Smart portable cooking stove, good for camping tooPhoto: Look at these beads. They had lovely completed pieces tooPhoto: Need I say more?Photo: Photo: The small red templePhoto: Look at all the carvingsPhoto: Similar to Angkor ThomPhoto: Photo: Fighting RoostersPhoto: Owner of the roostersPhoto: Oops, not all temples are in great conditionPhoto: UnusualPhoto: A pot full of orchidsPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: This is a chocolate roti - yummyPhoto: Such a beautiful roof.Photo: There are bells hanging from the spire - would sound beautiful with a breeze.Photo: Making chinese noodlesPhoto: words are not necessaryPhoto: Another beautiful templePhoto: I didn't know Donald was a Buddist and liked eating noodles, I thought that was Po In Kung Fu Panda.Photo: I was born in the year of the dragon - maybe that's why I like dragons so much.Photo: What a beautiful door.Photo: Buak Haad City ParkPhoto: We stopped into the Rati Lanna hotel (upscale) and wedding pictures were being taken. I'm assuming the bride and groom sail off into the sunset in the boat.Photo: This might be a small restaurant with the chicken coop on the left.Photo: We had a nice converstation with the novices while riding in a song tong.Photo: Before....Photo: After. Gary made Valentine's Day dinner.Photo: The Anusarn Night MarketPhoto: Nice chat with Ronald.Photo: Our Korean MealPhoto: Another amazing chinese templePhoto: Photo: We bought all these vegetables for 100 THB or $3.06Photo: Here's another big purchase for 20 THB or 61 centsPhoto: We came back to the RatiLanna Resort for the 350 THB ($10.73) set menu lunch. I asked for spicy as I knew It wouldn't be as spicy as you get on the street.Photo: The fastest hair cut Gary has ever had for 100 THBPhoto: