79 Photos - Dec 19, 2014
Photo: Loved the reflection of the buildingPhoto: A mini Cooper at a mini bar - cleverPhoto: Jalan Alor street is famous for lots of restaurantsPhoto: Photo: This mall is full of electronicsPhoto: Chicken feet for sale.Photo: Sultan Abdul Samad building in Independence SquarePhoto: Clock tower, KL tower, & Petronas twin towersPhoto: Alternating red and white cotors of the National Textile Museum with the Victorian fountain.Photo: Making models from pieces of wood.Photo: Amazing detailPhoto: Photo: This gentleman sang a welcome song to us - how cute!Photo: Inside of Central Market built in 1888Photo: Cooking in the alley.Photo: The KL TowerPhoto: Our apartment lower right, the grocery stores in the other circles.Photo: View of the city from the KL tower.Photo: The Independence Square from the KL towerPhoto: The city is hugePhoto: The Petronas towers and the Mandarin Hotel with a beautiful pool. Taken from the 38th floor of the Grand HyattPhoto: KLCC park in front of the Petronas twin towersPhoto: Chefs of the Grand HyattPhoto: Photo: The aquarium has a sense of humor. A dead body in with the piranhasPhoto: Gee, I wonder what kind of apples these are?Photo: My swimming poolPhoto: Christmas EvePhoto: Photo: Photo: We had this view while we had dinner.Photo: Photo: Chan See Shue Yuen clan house 1906Photo: The figurines were amazing.Photo: Should I ever need a tiara...Photo: Such a happy store.Photo: Consumerism is alive and well on Petaling StreetPhoto: Photo: God of War Guan DiPhoto: Photo: Oven for burning of paper money.Photo: Sri Maha Mariamman Temple 1873Photo: Photo: These are delicate cakes steamed in bamboo - delicious.Photo: Photo: The kitchen where dinner was prepared.Photo: St Peter's Catholic Church 1710Photo: All that remains of the fortifications around St Paul's Hill called Porta de SantiagoPhoto: St Paul's ChurchPhoto: Photo: Remains of the fortPhoto: Stadthuys (town hall and governer's residence) said to be the oldest Dutch buildings in the EastPhoto: Centuries old architecture along the riverPhoto: Lunch timePhoto: Old door with a new mail box in Mallorca, Malaysia.Photo: Amazing tile work.Photo: DessertPhoto: Cheng Hoon Teng TemplePhoto: Think about the time it took to make this statute for the ROOF!Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: A beautiful entrance with see next slidePhoto: a beautiful doorPhoto: Trishaw - notice the Frozen characters on the front.Photo: Did the Portuguese ships look like this?Photo: Photo: Christ Church the oldest Protestant church in MalaysiaPhoto: Photo: Photo: Entrance to Jonker Street - the colonial merchant sectionPhoto: The old is making way for the new.Photo: No sliding on this railingPhoto: Bird ParkPhoto: Photo: Photo: The fan roof is the National Mosque. In the lower left you can see the netting used for the Bird Park. The tall brown towers (Times Square) upper left is close to the apartment.Photo: Photo: