32 Photos - Dec 11, 2014
Photo: People are leaving the water as dusk approaches.Photo: Photo: Our hotel at dusk.Photo: View from the top floor of the hotelPhoto: The hotel's pool.Photo: Photo: Photo: These can be rented in order to have a picnic at the beach.Photo: Photo: Photo: Not sure why this statue is out on this pierPhoto: Crab is king here.Photo: We climb in these boats for a trip to Rabbit IslandPhoto: These small huts can be rented for over-night staysPhoto: View back to the main landPhoto: crab basketPhoto: Photo: We say goodbye to Rabbit Island.Photo: Crab MarketPhoto: cooking at the marketPhoto: So many vendors to choose fromPhoto: The epaulettes and shoes could poke your eyes outPhoto: The kings palace is in ruins.Photo: Salt pondsPhoto: Salt in a store housePhoto: Very typical scenePhoto: A visit to a pepper farmPhoto: These vines are 7 years old.Photo: Photo: Young vines planted from cuttingsPhoto: I'm sitting at the water's edge but the light is just too bright.Photo: