18 Photos - Sep 9, 2014
Photo: 1st lunch in VancouverPhoto: Our view during lunch.Photo: View in the opposite direction.Photo: Photo: Canada Place handles the cruise ships and the grass roofed building is the convention center.Photo: Never heard of a kid dryerPhoto: Lady in a wetsuit. The tide will cover her bottom left fingers.Photo: Stanley Park's totem polesPhoto: Photo: Disney is in town.Photo: 2nd largest Chinatown after San Francisco.Photo: Gastown where Vancouver originally started.Photo: A clock powered by steam.Photo: Science World building from the 1986 World Expo.Photo: False Creek and the downtown skyline.Photo: Roundhouse converted into a park.Photo: The first Canadian train to connect the Atlantic with the Pacific.Photo: The engineer hasn't aged much considering the train arrived in 1887.