33 Photos - Jun 7, 2013
Photo: Mt Vernon from the PotomacPhoto: Fort WashingtonPhoto: Alexandria's waterfrontPhoto: Tourist boatPhoto: Airplanes jumping into the skyPhoto: A police exercisePhoto: Photo: Trump will eventually change building from offices to hotel rooms.Photo: From the tower of the Post OfficePhoto: The Bells of Congress - replicas of the bells at Westminster AbbyPhoto: The Lion guards the National Zoo.Photo: Photo: Photo: The White HousePhoto: Lock master's housePhoto: Washington Monument from Constitution ParkPhoto: Vietnam War MemorialPhoto: Lincoln MonumentPhoto: Behind Lincoln's Monument - Arlington Cemetery with Robert E. Lee's house in the background.Photo: The Capital, Washington and Lincoln Monuments and Arlington Cemetary are all connected by a straight line.Photo: Picture taken from the top and side of the Lincoln MonumentPhoto: Ole AbePhoto: Korean War MemorialPhoto: Faces of everyday people involved with the Korean War.Photo: World War II MemorialPhoto: Ceiling of the Library of Congress - Jefferson buildingPhoto: Dome of the CapitolPhoto: Photo: Lady Freedom mold used for the Bronze statue on top of the Capitol.Photo: Thomas Jefferson MemorialPhoto: Photo: Ole T JPhoto: Franklin D Roosevelt Memorial