47 Photos - May 22, 2013
Photo: We have anchored right after locking through.  Bow viewPhoto: Stern viewPhoto: A carrier in Norfolk is getting all dressed up for a party.Photo: The Nauticus museum in Norfolk.Photo: Destroyer USS WisconsinPhoto: That bullet is huge - reminds me of the movie Under Seige.Photo: The First Mate and CaptainPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Video: Photo: Hampton from the observation deck of the Air & Space MuseumPhoto: CarouselPhoto: Slainte is decked out for Memorial dayPhoto: Abe Lincoln slept at Fort Monroe during the Civil WarPhoto: The inside of Fort MonroePhoto: Fort Monroe's lighthousePhoto: The Fort's moatPhoto: Photo: a picture from the webPhoto: Modern beer artPhoto: The Yorktown bridge swung open for the "War Ship" while eating lunch in our cockpit.Photo: British encampment at YorktownPhoto: A woodchuck came to listen to the ranger's talk.Photo: By creating a sampler, young girls learned to sew, their letters and their numbers.Photo: He could reload in 15 seconds if there weren't any problems.Photo: They are getting ready to fire the small cannon which is between them.Photo: The doctor is talking about his instruments.Photo: An officer's tentPhoto: The fire is built in the holes, the heat comes out the vents where the pots are sitting. There were 6-8 inlisted men to a tent. One of the men from the tent cooked for his roommates.Photo: Farm HousePhoto: Dried food.Photo: Yorktown's beach.Photo: We shared the marina with Alliance.Photo: View from our port windows at DeltavillePhoto: Steven's Point Anchorage was very cutePhoto: Do you see the Osprey nest?Photo: Nice place for a nest.Photo: More of Steven's PointPhoto: Photo: OMG, the land is gaining altitude!Photo: Sunset at Colonial BeachPhoto: Photo: A great home on the Potomac RiverPhoto: Fun time at Colonial Beach