39 Photos - May 9, 2013
Photo: Boat condominium.Photo: Our big brother.Photo: A sandy island instead of marsh.Photo: Targets at the firing range.Photo: I thought these clouds in straight lines across the sky were interesting.Photo: Ship art in SwansboroPhoto: His six pack is as hard as wood - HA!Photo: Whittaker Creek HarborPhoto: Looking across the Pamlico SoundPhoto: Photo: Elizabeth CityPhoto: PBR boat used in VietnamPhoto: Photo: A new recruitPhoto: Potato FestivalPhoto: Photo: cornhole tossPhoto: tossing bagsPhoto: The John Deere motor is churning ice creamPhoto: Photo: This is a Mercury. I remember We had a car that looked similar to this when I was a child.Photo: Crawl over the railing...Photo: Step down on the pile to the dock.Photo: Wright Brothers National MemorialPhoto: 4th time is the charm -  852 feet flightPhoto: A young lady flying her kite in front of the Wright MemorialPhoto: The beach at Jennette's PierPhoto: Roanoke Marshes LighthousePhoto: Reproduction of the 16th Century ship Elizabeth IIPhoto: Thank goodness, I didn't have this many lines to handle.Photo: One of the reenactors.Photo: Bodie Island LighthousePhoto: It was like walking up a 10 story buildingPhoto: You can see how the horizon is curved.Photo: Photo: Photo: We saw a ton of turtles along the Dismal SwampPhoto: A Cloudy day in the Dismal SwampPhoto: The sun came out in the Dismal Swamp