44 Photos - May 4, 2013
Photo: Beaufort's old buildingsPhoto: Stately old homesPhoto: Photo: The town park by the riverPhoto: This is a garden of one of the homes we walked past.Photo: Typical marsh view.Photo: Swing bridgePhoto: Smells goodPhoto: We bought a 1/2 bushel of blue shelled crabs from WesPhoto: Photo: Best crab I've ever had.Photo: Somewhere in VietnamPhoto: USS YorktownPhoto: Photo: Flight DeckPhoto: Ever VigiliantPhoto: Photo: SubmarinePhoto: View from the bow of our boatPhoto: View of the USS Yorktown from the bow of our boatPhoto: HugePhoto: Yorktown served in WWII and VietnamPhoto: USS ClamPhoto: A scene from somewhere in South VietnamPhoto: Photo: A possible Ruddy Turnstone with only one footPhoto: Fort SumterPhoto: Photo: View through a cannon windowPhoto: Hot sauces in CharlestonPhoto: St Philips's ChurchPhoto: Dock Street TheaterPhoto: The porch faces side not the street.Photo: This is about the previous house.Photo: Customs House is now a museum in CharlestonPhoto: The boardwalk park in CharlestonPhoto: The USS Yorktown from the parkPhoto: The large suspension bridge in the western hemisphere.Photo: A magnolia flowerPhoto: DolphinPhoto: I liked the reflection on the water.Photo: Shrimp boats docked in Georgetown S.C.Photo: Storm cloudsPhoto: Beautiful Reflections