39 Photos - Feb 15, 2013
Photo: We only get a peekPhoto: Caracol Archeologiccal ParkPhoto: We have climbed up to the first levelPhoto: On our way to the second levelPhoto: Remains of the hiergliphics measuring approx. 14 inches tall.  Some of the red color they used is still in the recesses.Photo: Photo: The rooms were very small.Photo: We're on top of the world.  The burial site of the important woman is in the rock rectangle in the middle of the picture.Photo: Interesting hierogliphs.Photo: This is the temple we climbedPhoto: Can you see the birds with bright yellow tails?Photo: These are the temples used for following the movement of the sun.Photo: Photo: Photo: This stela shows a captive with his hands tied behind his back.Photo: The cave we walked into.Photo: Photo: Rio "O" poolsPhoto: On our way to Xunantunich archeological sitePhoto: Gary is cranking to get us to the other side of the river.Photo: Black Orchid, the official flower of BelizePhoto: We climbed to the upper green level on the left to see the hierogliphics.Photo: Aren't these amazing hierogliphics.Photo: Line drawing of the hierogliphsPhoto: View from the very top.Photo: Photo: Photo: Hieerogliphics from the other side.Photo: Photo: Butterfly farmPhoto: The blue MorphoPhoto: Changing into a caterpillerPhoto: Wall mural of the Cahal Pech sitePhoto: Photo: Photo: The Private PlazaPhoto: The King's ThronePhoto: Cahal Pech ResortPhoto: A fig seed is dropped in the canopy, it sends it's roots down and smothers the host tree.