44 Photos - Feb 12, 2013
Photo: A Mayan market today.Photo: Corn grinders, gourds for kitchen use, and plenty of pottery, everything a good kitchen needs.Photo: Photo: The local church dating back to the colonial period.Photo: Photo: A local in traditional dress is waiting for empanadas.Photo: Drying coffee beans.Photo: Quirigua archeological park.Photo: One of Quirigua's kingsPhoto: A monument to a King's power.Photo: Photo: A Baltimore oreole is vacationing in Guatemala.Photo: We had to cancel our trip to Uaxactun Mayan ruins - bad roads.Photo: Flores Guatemala is situated on the island on the lake.Photo: Up the hill is the local church.Photo: The first church at this site was built in the 1700's.Photo: It is 5:30 am and that's not snow - it's fog! We are waiting for a sunrise over the jungle at Tikal.Photo: My first wild ToucanPhoto: Photo: One of 7 sites to measure the sun. This temple was used for the March and September equinox.Photo: A guatemala icon.Photo: Photo: Photo: Kudamundi (type of raccoon)Photo: We climbed to the top of the temple circled in Blue for the sunrise - ha!  Tallest temple at TikalPhoto: This would have been our sunrise picture if the fog had cleared out. Planet Yarvin Star Wars VI.Photo: Yaxha temple (used for sacrifice) that is still to be excavated. I loved the trees living on the blood that was spilt here.Photo: Photo: ball courtPhoto: Photo: Samuel, our guide.Photo: You can see evidence of three different expansions.Photo: Isn't this grand?Photo: Gary has climbed up the middle temple to take pictures.Photo: This is the view to the right.Photo: All the temples would have been covered with plaster and carved with symbols.Photo: We climbed to the top of this temple for a great view.Photo: What a view!Photo: So ends our journey in Guatemala.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: