23 Photos - Feb 9, 2013
Photo: frying empanadasPhoto: Copan's monumentsPhoto: Photo: One of Copan's KingsPhoto: The three bars indicate 15 years and the 3 dots is one year each. This is King 18 Rabbit.Photo: It's amazing this has survived from the 8th century.Photo: A treasure waiting to be unearthedPhoto: Nature still has it's hold on historyPhoto: The buildings were decorated with designs and images.Photo: Photo: Photo: The residences of the nobility.Photo: It's a long way down.Photo: Photo: The ball court is where the carriage is being pushed.Photo: A better view of the ball court.Photo: The Mayan were observers of the galaxy.Photo: Copan's town square.Photo: A brightly painted hotel.Photo: Evening market.Photo: Photo: Photo: The farming valley.