116 Photos - Jan 5, 2013
Photo: The Obelisk of Buenos Aires is a national historic monument. Located in the Plaza de la Rep├║blica, built to commemorate the first foundation of the city.Photo: This famous avenue is several lanes wide plus a green area.Photo: Photo: Looks like ParisPhoto: Cathedral MetropolitanaPhoto: looking around Plaza MayoPhoto: view from Plaza MayoPhoto: Photo: Casa RosadaPhoto: The pink originally came from bovine bloodPhoto: Photo: Inside Casa RosadaPhoto: Photo: Photo: A beautiful floorPhoto: The latest in limousine servicePhoto: This is the building where our studio is located.Photo: Cabildo MuseumPhoto: Defensa's flea market on the cobbled stone streetPhoto: Mafalda, the cartoon characterPhoto: Photo: Mercado de San TelmoPhoto: Photo: Plaza DorregoPhoto: An old gaucho?Photo: It's for rent!!!Photo: The Galeria PacificoPhoto: Reminds me of a shopping center in VegasPhoto: Christmas and Art all at the same time.Photo: Centro Naval buildingPhoto: Warehouses of Puerto MaderoPhoto: Apartment towers behind the Woman's BridgePhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Sarmiento FrigatePhoto: Eva PeronPhoto: Supreme CourtPhoto: Colon TheaterPhoto: It's too bad you can't see the beautiful stain glassPhoto: Many different colors of marblePhoto: ImpressivePhoto: Monument of Jose San MartinPhoto: view from San Martin PlazaPhoto: We came upon this gated area  near Chinatown which was so cute.Photo: Museum of the City Award for keeping alive the original character and decoration of the city as a living testimony.Photo: Need I say anything?Photo: Our cafe for dinner, singing and dancingPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Daniel AlexisPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: New Zealand ladies that sat next to us.Photo: Torre Monumental a gift from the local British community to the city in commemoration of the centennial of the May Revolution of 1810.Photo: Gary is on a big person's chair - really big!Photo: OUR LADY OF PILAR BASILICAPhoto: CloisterPhoto: Recoleta CemetaryPhoto: Photo: Photo: Taken from the Cloister windowPhoto: I love this!Photo: The subways have beautiful tle paintingsPhoto: Abasto MallPhoto: We caught a glimpse of the flamingos through the zoo fence.Photo: beautiful architecture on an empty buildingPhoto: Japanese GardenPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: I thought this was unusualPhoto: Monument of the CongressesPhoto: Can you see the wind mill on the tower at the roof line?Photo: Congress of the Argentina NationPhoto: Photo: Photo: Tigre Train StationPhoto: What a lovely old homePhoto: Our lunch is warming up.Photo: Wicker MarketPhoto: rusted out barges in the Delta area.Photo: There are lovely island homes and...Photo: The Sarmiento House Museum was the former residence of the 7th President of Argentina.Photo: One of several resorts.Photo: The flood left this boat high and dry.Photo: The Transport Bridge in La BocaPhoto: CaminitoPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: 3 old goatsPhoto: Photo: This place has seen better daysPhoto: Photo: Photo: Caminito is where Tango music was invented.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: These ladies were watching us eat lunch!