27 Photos - May 15, 2012
Photo: Our room is the very top facing the picturePhoto: Photo: We ate the this restaurant under the umbrellasPhoto: Photo: Photo: Sea bass with coconut chile saucePhoto: preparing the shrimp for dinner at the restaurantPhoto: Ice being crushed and dumped into the truckPhoto: That's alot of icePhoto: Truck is dumping the ice into the holdPhoto: Panorama of Hua HinPhoto: Photo: I can't believe we climbed those stairs in that heat/humidityPhoto: And I thought street traffic was badPhoto: Photo: Photo: Squid dryingPhoto: Photo: Photo: King Rama VI Summer PalacePhoto: Into the cave depths we goPhoto: BatsPhoto: Photo: Gary & the rock facePhoto: Our restaurant is right around the cornerPhoto: Singha beer - had to use ice to keep it cold!Photo: View from our restaurant table