67 Photos - Feb 24, 2012
Photo: Somewhere down there is Petra and to the right of the small "V" in the right hand corner is the MonasteryPhoto: View of Petra areaPhoto: Wadi Rum DesertPhoto: Jeep ride in the desertPhoto: Not great with bald tiresPhoto: Reminds us of the safari in KenyaPhoto: petroglyphPhoto: Photo: Photo: Beautiful - reminds me of Moab UtahPhoto: Taxi driver, Ayman, is cooking for usPhoto: Oh BoyPhoto: Old Pestal for making spices into powderPhoto: Photo: Photo: Fresh lettucePhoto: We had a great conversion with these menPhoto: Elat IsraelPhoto: Father & SonPhoto: Aqaba Fort/CastlePhoto: Photo: Souk areaPhoto: Photo: I love this warning signPhoto: Shobak CastlePhoto: Dana Nature ReservePhoto: Um er-Rasas, which started as a Roman military camp and grew to become a town from the 5th centuryPhoto: mosaic floor of the Church of Saint Stephen with its representation of towns in the regionPhoto: These are located under a protective roofPhoto: This is a UNSECO sitePhoto: It's too dry to grow grapes todayPhoto: Photo: We found this just walking aroundPhoto: The town is full of churchesPhoto: Can you see more mosaics where the alter would be?Photo: Bedouin is graising his goats in the ruinsPhoto: Photo: Qasr al-HarranaPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: So close to Saudia Arabia and IraqPhoto: Photo: Qusayr AmraPhoto: Area for heating the water for a bathPhoto: Can you see the people on the mural?Photo: Woman with a bowlPhoto: The squares depict the buillding of Qusayr AmraPhoto: Photo: Qusayr AmraPhoto: Qasr al-AzraqPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: King Abdullah MosquePhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Citadel and ruins of the Temple of HerculesPhoto: Photo: Part of a large hand is all that remains from a large statuePhoto: Photo: Photo: AmmanPhoto: Lunch!