43 Photos - Feb 21, 2012
Photo: Obelisk TombPhoto: Historical Marker about the Obelisk TombPhoto: walking through the gorgePhoto: capturing water along both side of the gorgePhoto: first peak at the TreasuryPhoto: second peak at the TreasuryPhoto: Third peak at the TreasuryPhoto: Almost there!Photo: We finally made it and what a viewPhoto: The carving is magnificent!Photo: More tombs on the way to the cityPhoto: Step were cut into the rock. The carving started at the top and they worked downwardsPhoto: Tombs of the common folkPhoto: Theater carved from rockPhoto: Colonnaded StreetPhoto: Photo: Our guidePhoto: The winged LionPhoto: Looking behind us - what a city this must have been!Photo: Roman influencePhoto: Roman BathsPhoto: The only remaining standing building - Qasr al-Bint probably the main templePhoto: Side StreetPhoto: We stopped here for lunchPhoto: OwnerPhoto: OwnerPhoto: Royal tombsPhoto: Urn Tomb carved 70 ADPhoto: Photo: TreasuryPhoto: Photo: TransportationPhoto: Photo: Temenos GatePhoto: Stairs to the MonasteryPhoto: Lion TricliniumPhoto: merchant along the way to the MonasteryPhoto: view as we walk 850 stepsPhoto: Monastery - it was worth the climbPhoto: Photo: See how large it is when compared to the size of the peoplePhoto: Walking down 850 stepsPhoto: A pretty merchant along the way