51 Photos - Feb 19, 2012
Photo: Olive trees in snowPhoto: Ajlun CastlePhoto: Ajlun CastlePhoto: Ajlun CastlePhoto: Ajlun CastlePhoto: Ajlun CastlePhoto: Photo: fresh meat with fake flowersPhoto: Hadrian's Gate at JerashPhoto: Photo: store under the seats of the hippodromePhoto: store floorPhoto: The many arched gate are where the charriots would wait to start the racePhoto: Photo: plaza  leading to the main streetPhoto: main street where the people are walkingPhoto: Plaza is very largePhoto: Main street has columns all the way to the other endPhoto: This is the other end of main streetPhoto: Photo: Temple is missing a grand staircasePhoto: Theater with excellent acousticsPhoto: Photo: Jordan bag pipesPhoto: One of three christian churchesPhoto: Photo: Beautiful corinthian columnsPhoto: Our guide in JerashPhoto: Photo: Jerash is well preserved because it has been buried under sandPhoto: TemplePhoto: Photo: NymphaeumPhoto: Man hole for the sewerPhoto: Jordan countrysidePhoto: home made breadPhoto: floor from the church dedicated to Mose on Mount NeboPhoto: mosaic workshopPhoto: St George Greek Orthodox churchPhoto: Wadi Mujib, the grand canyon of JordanPhoto: Bedouin campPhoto: Baskets indicate the sale of fresh chicken - they will kill and pluck the feathersPhoto: Fresh chicken for dinnerPhoto: Philadelphia Beer with a pull tabPhoto: Kerak CastlePhoto: Kerak CastlePhoto: Photo: Photo: Goose lamp but I think if rubbed a Genie will appearPhoto: 3 cute girlsPhoto: Our driver