48 Photos - Dec 18, 2013
Photo: The apron cleared of boats ready for work to start, November 2013Photo: Ready to install the safety fencingPhoto: The site team, assisted the crane on Kingston Marine's barge and the barge crew, removing the North side cranePhoto: The site team, assisted by Kingston Marine, removing the North side cranePhoto: Waiting for the tide to go down in order to start workPhoto: Some of the old joists are gone and the piles have been cut down ready for the new capping pieces. Taken on 10th December.Photo: Pile cut down and new flange fitted ready for capping piecePhoto: View underneath the apron before removing the final section of planks. The planks under the old Bosun's hut were probably the ones in the best condition.Photo: New capping pieces ready for installation on the cut down pilesPhoto: Pile caps with new steel joists. Workboat tied up in the foreground.Photo: The apron with half the planks removed. November 2013.Photo: Detail of the new wooden joists and fixing boltsPhoto: The old joists and fixings, just for comparison!Photo: The first of the new joists in place, prior to the Christmas break.Photo: The first of the new Okan planks were delivered to the club on 9th January 2014Photo: The plank laying team taking advantage of the decent weather - Saturday 11th JanuaryPhoto: Laying the first new planksPhoto: The view from the marina, with the old joists and steelwork in the foreground and the new behind. Taken on 2nd February 2014.Photo: Good progress has been made during January 2014. This picture shows the area completed by 2nd February, with several of the new steel girders and piles of new planks clearly visible.Photo: New planks awaiting use, 2nd February 2012.Photo: Another view of the new steelwork and joists taken on 2nd February. The red spider-like object is a crane for lifting the new steel and wooden joists into place. The picture was taken on a Sunday when the crane's jib was neatly folded away.Photo: Lifting another wooden joist in to position - at last a picture taken on a nice sunny day during February!Photo: Scrap steel awaiting removal from sitePhoto: The old and the new steelwork and joists are clearly visible in this picture taken by Hamo ThornycroftPhoto: General view of the worksPhoto: The new steelwork adjacent to the marina pontoonsPhoto: The hard working plank laying team of Pat and Charlie discuss progress with Andy CubbagePhoto: The first section of joists reached the end of the apron adjacent to the marina on 12 Feb 2014Photo: Another steel joist is lowered into position, 19th Feb 2014Photo: The top section of one of the old piles is lifted away on 26th February. The new cap will be fitted at low tide, and then the next steel joist lowered into position on the following high tide.Photo: The last of the old pile top sections is lifted away on 12th March 2014.Photo: The new mount for the crane showing the bracing and re-enforcing beamsPhoto: General view of the underside of the apron looking North from the marina pontoon.Photo: The new supports on the underside of the apron. Contrast with the picture taken on 12th December.Photo: Removing the last of the old cross braces
(Photo by Hamo Thornycroft, 10 March)Photo: Nearly finished!Photo: Scrap steel from the old piles and joists leaving site on 24 March (Hamo Thornycroft)Photo: Re-installing the old crane (Hamo Thornycroft)Photo: Crane installationPhoto: Nearly ready for the opening!Photo: Nearly ready for the opening! Fitting the new pontoon.Photo: Nearly ready for the opening! Geoff Sowerby preparing to cut one of the last planks to size.Photo: Ready for the opening on 3rd May 2014Photo: Ready for the opening on 3rd May 2014. It will not take long for all that open space to be filled up!Photo: Ready for the opening on 3rd May 2014Photo: Apron opening by Andrew Turner MP on 3rd May 2014.Photo: Island MP Andrew Turner cuts the ribbon and declares the apron open. Commodore Tony Bedingfield looks on.
(3rd May 2014)Photo: Last minute tasks ready for the apron opening.
L to R - Geoff Sowerby, Pat Cunningham and Tony Bedingfield.