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Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: He Wishes it Was A DreamPhoto: Photo: OminousPhoto: Thank you to my lovely Daughter and model Estelle :)Photo: Thank you to my lovely daughter :)Photo: Photo: Photo: Follow me on twiiter if your there http://twitter.com/#!/d_tunstall and FB http://www.facebook.com/danielletunstallPhoto: Follow me on twitter if your there http://twitter.com/#!/d_tunstallPhoto: Photo: Photo: Nyctophobia- Fear of the darkPhoto: Beautiful Decay.
This is Tim Andrews he was a lawyer in Hampshire, he found out he had Parkinson's disease and gave up his job and is going on an artistic journey getting photographed by different photographers at different stages of his illness, i was so pleased he asked me to do his portrait and it was an honor and an inspiration to meet him and to be a part of this project. He said if tomorrow he could go back to his old life and get rid of parkinson's disease he wouldn't he has never felt so alive and happy. i have for obvious reasons had to shorten this story!Photo: Photo: Photo: This is an old one but one of the main images that got me hooked on photographing the dark side of people. This photo took 3 shoots to get right expression i think by this time he was actually angry with me ;)

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Facebook http://www.facebook.com/danielletunstallPhoto: My contribution for Mirror Monday: Share a photo where a reflection is the subject. Curated by +Catherine Vibert and +Jonny Scholes 
#MirrorMondayPhoto: This is from my first ever pregnancy shoot.
I really should have made post apocalyptic album but there all ready a bit jumbled sorry :( i'm so unorganized!

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Facebook http://www.facebook.com/danielletunstallPhoto: Here's my one for #TreeTuesday :)Photo: Hardly any processing on this one not even texture overlay, Paige was stood behind scratched up perspex.
I'm uploading this for Women Wednesday - images that show the power and beauty of women (planned weekly, curated by +Niki Aguirre , +Athena Carey , +Lee Daniels , +Teresa Stover , +Kerry Murphy and +Christina Lawrie #WomenWednesday (every body see beauty differently)Photo: This is for #FrighteningFriday
Curator: +Alexis CoramPhoto: "Fear" Don't think this will go down to well as it does look so real and is slightly disturbing even though you can't really see much, but my work is just trying to tell stories and show emotions and document states of mind as much as realitys so sorry in advance if you don't like.Photo: This is all so for Moody Monday - a theme comprising dark, moody, bleak images. (weekly, curator +Philip Daly , tag photos #moodymonday)Photo: He Wishes It Was A Dream 2.

This is for Monochrome Monday (weekly, curator +Siddharth Pandit , tag photos #Monochrome Monday)Photo: Thank you to my Brave model Zoe Brace, this was shot under a tree in the pouring rain. really only horror depending on your view of snakes.

This is for Portrait Tuesday - portraits, either natural light or Strobist (weekly, curated by +Laura Balc , tag #portraittuesday ) todays theme is theme is Beauty.Photo: Thirsty Thursday - Share all things water: seascapes, lakes and rivers (and even beer) are the subject. (Planned weekly. Curator +Giuseppe Basile Use #ThirstyThursdayPics tag in your post.)

Thank you all for comments on posts sorry i so behind mentions, e-mails and your photos will try catch up to night.Photo: Frightening Friday - Share an image that captures an element of fear, danger or drama (bi-weekly, curated by +Alexis Coram , tag #frighteningfriday)Photo: Floral Friday (weekly, curator +Tamara Pruessner tag #FloralFriday)Photo: I realize i really on photoshop quite heavily so when deciding to do this i wanted to concentrate more on setting up the photo and less photoshoping, i have to say i never relised how difficult it would be to dig a grave even a shallow one!Photo: This is for selfie sunday (lol) (Screamin' HALLOWEEN Theme)

Hosted by (+Jeff Smith and +Levi Moore )
#SelfieSundayPhoto: Photo: another one for selfie sunday (Screamin' HALLOWEEN Theme)

Hosted by (+Jeff Smith and +Levi Moore )Photo: Satan's Soldier
he's getting ready for Halloween ;)

(This was a whole lot of face painting and about 9 hours on photoshop.)Photo: Happy Halloween :)Photo: Another shot from the Halloween shoot, thank you to my very brave model who hates clowns Estelle :)Photo: Welcome To The Carnival.
This is for Portrait Tuesday - portraits, either natural light or Strobist (weekly, curated by +Laura Balc , tag #portraittuesday)Photo: This is for Thirsty Thursday - Share all things water: seascapes, lakes and rivers (and even beer) are the subject. (Planned weekly. Curator +Giuseppe Basile Use #ThirstyThursdayPics tag in your post.)Photo: The Robot Cleaning Room.
For #FrighteningFriday curated by +Alexis CoramPhoto: The Butterfly Killer.

(can't be dealin with other page the horror is back)Photo: Thank you to Katie Halsey who did amazing job of modeling.Photo: This is the baby from the tummy of my last upload just so you know he turned out totally fine ;)Photo: Photo: For #FrighteningFriday curated by +Alexis CoramPhoto: in this photo +Andy Sonar 
check out his tunes on Sound Cloud here http://soundcloud.com/andysonarPhoto: Portrait Of A Really Mad Man.
This is for Portrait Tuesday is curated by +Laura Balc 
My Flickr friends will have seen this but sharing for new followers

This was an out take while in between shot's, so you could say it's a very candid shot of an actually really mad man. (the pigs head wasn't photoshoped to have clean cut line it really was like that)

“The creatures outside looked from pig to man, and from man to pig, and from pig to man again; but already it was impossible to say which was which.”

-George Orwell (Animal Farm)Photo: Zoo York.
I know its wrong but i'm not trying to comment or make statement on the right side of life.Photo: Whats really going on behind my nice photos ;)Photo: Finally a new photo which didn't involve me doing 300 or more similar edits :)Photo: For #WomanWednesday. curated , +Niki Aguirre +Teresa Stover +Kerry Murphy +Christina Lawrie +Athena Carey 

in this photo Alexandra ZevalkingPhoto: Thank you to Moneer Elmasseek for doing amazing job of modeling.
Too see my images in motion don't forget to follow on You Tube http://www.youtube.com/user/DanielleTunstall?feature=mheePhoto: A huge thank you too Moneer Elmasseek for amazing job of modeling.Photo: Merry Christmas to you all :)Photo: Photo: Trying not to lose control.
Thank you to Stuart Potty Field for amazing job of modeling.Photo: Subscribe on You Tube if your there ;) http://www.youtube.com/user/DanielleTunstall?feature=mheePhoto: Låt den rätte komma in (Let the Right One In)
My homage to the film, if you havent seen it its a must see i love that film.
Thank you to my lovely little model Samantha Martel.Photo: Thank you to my model Wilson Dalzell.Photo: For #PaintItSaturday curated by +Alexius JørgensenPhoto: For #PaintItSaturday curated by +Alexius Jørgensen 

Thank you to my Bro James Tunstall for letting me put the scorpion on him, not sure if he dumb or brave cause apparently they still sting even when dead!Photo: Photo: Photo: A still from my Visual Disturbances video ( Visual Disturbances by Danielle Tunstall )Photo: Photo: For #floralfriday curated by +Tamara Pruessner 
In this photo the fabulous +Collette Von ToraPhoto: Photo: Angry Man
This is one of my earliest portraits, and one of my first horror/not nice images. It was a nightmare shot to get it took 3 shoots so i think my model really was angry with me by the time i got it :)Photo: Photo: In this photo Peter Hodgson.Photo: model and make up Alice Bizarre :)Photo: Black Sheep.
A homage to the film as much as comment on society (if you havet seen the film black sheep its a must see zombie film)
Thank you to my amazing model Estelle :)Photo: Black Sheep 2Photo: For +Monochrome Monday curated by +Charles Lupica , +Bill Wood and +Hans Berendsen and +Moody Monday curated by +Philip Daly.Photo: another one for #womanwednesday curated by +Niki Aguirre, +Athena Carey , +Lee Daniels & +Teresa Stover (sorry if i'm only meant to put one image into theme)

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and while your there join me https://www.facebook.com/danielletunstall ;)Photo: For +Monochrome Monday #monochromemonday curated by +Charles Lupica , +Bill Wood and +Hans Berendsen and +Moody Monday #moodymonday curated by +Philip Daly.Photo: thank you Ash for great shoot go click like on his page here https://www.facebook.com/GirlsThatScream
in this photo Ashley Maugham TrAshPhoto: Thank you to my model Kev Bicknell :)Photo: for #moodymonday +Moody Monday ~Curated by +Philip Daly & +Carole Buckwalter 

thank you to my model Talia ChewPhoto: For #womanwednesday curated by +Niki Aguirre , +Athena Carey , +Lee Daniels & +Teresa Stover 

Model and make up Alice Bizarre join her on FB https://www.facebook.com/alicebizarremakeup

my FB https://www.facebook.com/danielletunstall :)Photo: This is for #fotoshopfriday
curated by +Alexis Coram and +Danielle Tunstall (me) +Fotoshop Friday 
for +FrighteningFriday #FrighteningFriday by +Alexis CoramPhoto: +FloralFriday #floralfriday , curated by +Tamara Pruessner 

thank you to G+ and everyone running these themes cause they do make me create images i wouldnt have normally, i well paranoid going out with my camera but walking past this blossom every morning and knowing floral friday coming up pushed me to leave safty of my back garden and back drop :) so thank you +Tamara Pruessner and every one doing all these themes to push every ones creativity :)

and thank you too my awesome and brave model Lauren Wild :)Photo: another holiday snap lol ;)
and i finally found a good Window for For #windowwednesday by +Jules Falk Hunter +Simon Kitcher +Cheryl Cooper +Jason Kowing +Martin OBERPhoto: For +Monochrome Monday #monochromemonday curated by +Charles Lupica , +Hans Berendsen, +Jerry Johnson 

+Moody Monday #moodymonday curated by +Philip Daly 

Texture Paint It Monday ~ #texturepaintitmonday 
Curator(s): +Ina Gatzmaga +Skip per +Alexius Jørgensen 
G+ Page: +Texture PaintIt Monday

Model and make up the amazing Alice Bizarre Make Up go click like on her page here https://www.facebook.com/alicebizarremakeupPhoto: Thank you to my amazing little model Lauren Wild :)Photo: Photo: Model and make up Alice Bizarre Make Up https://www.facebook.com/alicebizarremakeupPhoto: Photo: Photo: Model and make up Alice Bizarre Make UpPhoto: #Silence 

in this photo Sophie Gwyn-SmithPhoto: my first photo done on photoshop CS6.Photo: in this photo the stunning Sophie Gwyn-Smith :)Photo: Thank you to my models Bobbie Paige Bicknell and Alicia Bicknell :)Photo: Share to win signed prints  :) leave comment that you have done so on original thread, winners will be picked in a week from now :) (you must be following me also)
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(all previous comments on other photo count too uploading this so it hopefully shows as a photo)Photo: in this photo Jeddy-Bear Animal-Austin ThomasPhoto: This is HipHop Artist English Frank go check out his new video and single ANIMAL SB.TV - English Frank - Animal [Music Video] follow him on FB https://www.facebook.com/englishfrankuk and twitter @englishfrank:)Photo: In this photo the stunning +Tarrie Noir one of the first ever suicide girls :)
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I was going to call this hysterical but just as views through time change so do words and hysterical now means funny too. And i'm glad views do change because the word hysterical Originally defined as a neurotic condition peculiar to women and thought to be caused by a dysfunction of the uterus.
Us woman can be hysterical lol !!!!
Thank you to my model Sophie Gwyn-Smith :) AKA  Crimson Raine

This is for #WomenWednesday 
Woman Wednesday Curated by +Niki Aguirre  +Athena Carey  +Christina Lawrie  +Lee Daniels +Teresa Stover  +Kerry Murphy  Photo: My first submission to +Leaves On Thursday  curated by +Ray Bilcliff ,  +Marilou Aballe  and +Margaret Tompkins 
#leavesonthursday  Photo: Sleeping Beauty
for #floralfriday curated by +Tamara Pruessner  +FloralFriday 
and +Fotoshop Friday  #fotoshopfriday   curated by +Danielle Tunstall (me) and +Alexis Coram 
This is my Friend Kaffy Badger She hates horror so dreading showing her this lol but have saved her nice version without skull :)Photo: Thank you to my amazing model Livvy Godfrey :)Photo: Thank you to my model Kieran Bell

For Buggy Friday ~ #buggyfriday (they are flies on his face)
Curator(s): +Ray Bilcliff  +Margaret Tompkins 
G+ Page : +Buggy Friday 
For #FlycatcherFriday curated by +Jeff Wendorff 
and +Fotoshop Friday  curated by +Alexis Coram and +Danielle Tunstall (me)Photo: Thank you to my model Alicia Bicknell
bat wing brushes from http://falln-stock.deviantart.com/

For Children ~ #childrensaturday 
Curator(s): +Susan Southard 

Inspirational Saturday ~ #inspirationalsaturday 
Curator(s): +Charlotte Therese Björnström +Khrystiane Friedli  +Mylah Nazario 

Paint it Saturday ~ #paintitsaturday 
Curator(s): +Alexius Jørgensen 
G+ Page : +PaintIt Club 

Photo Manipulation Saturday ~ #photomanipulationsaturday 
Curator(s): +Josh Adamski 

Photo Story Saturday ~ #photostorysaturday 
Curator(s): +Dave Beckerman  Photo: In this photo Alex Collier.
Experimenting with new oil paint features in CS6.
For #moodymonday  +Moody Monday +Philip Daly  and +Carole Buckwalter   and #paintitclub +Clare Bambers  +Dana Moyer  +Celso Carvalho +Richard Mabb Photo: Photo: For #horrorpokermonday  +Horrorpoker Monday curated by +David Murphy  +J.L. Btwee  +Mylah Nazario +Jimmy Symons 
Thank you to my awesome little model Bobbie Paige Bicknell.Photo: HipHop Artist English Frank go check out his tunes on youtube English Frank - 100 bars of truth 2 follow him on FB https://www.facebook.com/englishfrankuk and twitter @englishfrank:)

For +Moody Monday    #moodymonday #momochromemonday by +Philip Daly   and co-curated by +Carole Buckwalter 
and for #horrorpoker +Horrorpoker Monday  by +David Murphy  +J.L. Btwee  +Jimmy Symons  +Mylah Nazario  Photo: Fear is only as deep as the mind allows [japanese proverb] Thank you to my model Kev Bicknell and thank you too Diego Berta who told me these words 2 years ago in a message they stuck in my head ever since.Photo: For #MoodyMonday +Carole Buckwalter  +Philip Daly  +Moody Monday 
#HorrorPoker +Mylah Nazario  +David Murphy  +J.L. Btwee  +Jimmy Symons   +Horrorpoker Monday 

in this photo the stunning LilGothFaeryPhoto: For #horrorpokermonday   There page +Horrorpoker Monday 
Curated by +David Murphy , +J.L. Btwee and +Jimmy Symons 

Thank you to my lovely little model Talia ChewPhoto: OK i'm back (maybe) we will see how it goes :) i wonder how many followers i will loose with this post :PPhoto: Birds Flying High You No How I Feel

For my amazing friend Apollo Reyes well on his way to recovery so there is hope for every one

i have lost my mum and nan to cancer so i no what its like and the pain but there are people who get through it. Be positive :)Photo: Santa's ready for the zombie apocalypse are you?
Thank you to my most awesome model Mick Randall :)Photo: Photo: If only we all had a Guardian Angel

but some have fallen like us.Photo: my stunning daughter :)Photo: Let's hope he sorts him self out only a few days to go, come on santa pull it together!!

a huge thank you to my most awesome model Mick Randall :)Photo: Thank you to my awesome little monkey Theo :)Photo: My beautiful daughter Estelle :)

she has a new modelling page here https://www.facebook.com/pages/Estelle-Tunstall/450026565054056 (and has photos i dont upload and she has started doing self portraits)Photo: Get the High Res J-peg of this for only 99p no watermark to print/put onto canvas or give as gift http://goo.gl/emZ5O (none comercial only) check out other listings for signed prints.Photo: I Dont Care Bear

(nice version here https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=469055779817801&set=a.450027641720615.104200.450026565054056&type=1&theater)Photo: Some signed prints available here http://goo.gl/w0dEo or visit shop on my website for wider range but unsigned :) Thank you all for support.Photo: When you lose your mind it's hard to find it again especially when you cant remember where you last had it

in this photo the stunning Katie Iska Lawrence Photo: In this photo my stunning daughter :) her fan page here https://www.facebook.com/pages/Estelle-Tunstall/450026565054056?group_id=0 :)Photo: Photo: In this photo my gorgeous daughter, a series i've been working on since loosing my mum hard for me to look at with my daughter in cause her face reminds me of my mums.

i've just joined instagram follow me there to see very different side of my life lol http://instagram.com/danielletunstallPhoto: In this photo +Tobias Larner