168 Photos - Aug 19, 2013
Photo: En route in ParisPhoto: First camp, Chalet d'AmontPhoto: Better weather in the morningPhoto: Petit VelanPhoto: Ken & Mt VelanPhoto: Looking for bivvy spotsPhoto: Top bivvy!Photo: Musso Bivvy HutPhoto: MussoPhoto: Ken & W ridge of Combin de ValsoreyPhoto: Hut & SW Face of Combin de ValsoreyPhoto: 5:30am top of the SW Face. Ken overwhelmed.Photo: Combin de GrafeneirePhoto: Dawn light on Mt BlancPhoto: Shadow of the CombinPhoto: Combin de Grafeneire ticked!Photo: Looking over to the Matterhorn & Monte RosaPhoto: Long & tricky descentPhoto: The start of a load of front-pointingPhoto: Later we had a visitor.Photo: Evening lightPhoto: Views from the hutPhoto: Through the windowPhoto: Inside the MussoPhoto: Early next day, Col du SonadonPhoto: At the ColPhoto: Looking over the ValaisPhoto: Following the Haute Route towards ChanrionPhoto: This must be the most photographed rock on the Haute Route...Photo: GreenstonePhoto: Lac du ChanrionPhoto: Camp for the nightPhoto: Heading to MauvoisinPhoto: Behind the waterfallPhoto: Band at MauvoisinPhoto: Photo: band3Video: Trombone!Photo: Early morning, ArrollaPhoto: PJPhoto: On the Douves BlanchePhoto: Aiguille de la TsaPhoto: Looking towards Pigne d'ArrollaPhoto: Ken & PJPhoto: GentianPhoto: pyramides d'euseignePhoto: pyramides d'euseignePhoto: FreakyPhoto: ... entirely natural!Photo: Cloud over MischabelPhoto: Clouds from the WeisshornPhoto: Mischabel in the early morningPhoto: Matterhorn peeking over the OberaschornPhoto: Zinal RothornPhoto: Weisshorn East RidgePhoto: Rimfischorn from the bivvyPhoto: Monte Rosa & Lyskamm from Weisshorn bivvyPhoto: View on the way back downPhoto: Rain in RandaPhoto: AlpenhornsPhoto: Matterhorn after the stormsPhoto: MatterhornPhoto: Ken on the way up to Klein MatterhornPhoto: MePhoto: BriethornPhoto: Approaching Briethorn main summitPhoto: SummitPhoto: Over to Mt BlancPhoto: Ken & Briethorn RidgePhoto: MatterhornPhoto: Die ZwillingePhoto: Roccia Nera (note walkers at the bottom for scale!)Photo: Above the Rossi e Volante HutPhoto: Ken's sporkPhoto: Pollux & CastorPhoto: Scenes from the bivvyPhoto: The never-ending melting of the snowPhoto: Evening chillinPhoto: Evening light on the TwinsPhoto: Looking into ItalyPhoto: Ken settling down to a cold night!Photo: Lyskamm aheadPhoto: Dawn view from CastorPhoto: Cloud sea over MatteralPhoto: Cloud seaPhoto: Castor summit ridgePhoto: Pollux, Briethorn & MatterhornPhoto: WeisshornPhoto: Ken on Lyskamm's West SummitPhoto: Lyskamm summit ridgePhoto: 1 Km of exposed & windy ridge aheadPhoto: Me near the East summitPhoto: Looking across to DufourspitzePhoto: Ken, East summitPhoto: Now back across the ridge!Photo: Looking back from FelikjochPhoto: Rescue helicopterPhoto: Coming in to the Rossi e VolantePhoto: Evacuating a casualty from the hutPhoto: There he goes...Photo: Briethorn the next dayPhoto: Klein Matterhorn & Big MatterhornPhoto: BriethornPhoto: Arty MatterhornPhoto: Arty Matterhorn 2Photo: ZermattPhoto: Ken at the Matterhorn bivvyPhoto: Camp below the HornliPhoto: Bivvy cookingPhoto: View up the HornliPhoto: Hornli bivvyPhoto: Endless brewingPhoto: Evening in campPhoto: Evening viewPhoto: Looking back over Hirli to ZermattPhoto: Briethorn & Klein MatterhonPhoto: Rimfischorn & StrahlhornPhoto: Monte RosaPhoto: Cloud catches fire above!Photo: LyskammPhoto: Monte RosaPhoto: Matterhorn summit from the Solvay HutPhoto: Hornli RidgePhoto: View from the SolvayPhoto: Looking back downPhoto: Down the HornliPhoto: ObergabelhornPhoto: Monte Rosa from the HornliPhoto: Back up the WeisshornPhoto: On the way up the Weisshorn (2nd attempt!)Photo: Weisshorn HutPhoto: Ken scoping the East RidgePhoto: Weisshorn bivvyPhoto: Very comfy!Photo: Weisshorn East RidgePhoto: Cooking shelterPhoto: Bedding downPhoto: Bivvy viewsPhoto: Photo: View from my bedPhoto: Ken with more water!Photo: Mischabel at dawn, from E RidgePhoto: E Ridge viewsPhoto: Ken at dawnPhoto: Matterhorn & Zinal RothornPhoto: Climbing the E RidgePhoto: Looking backPhoto: Weisshorn summit!Photo: SchaligratPhoto: Summit viewsPhoto: Summit viewPhoto: Summit viewPhoto: More views!Photo: Weisshorn summit crossPhoto: THAT mountain again (next year!!)Photo: Having a breakPhoto: Long way back downPhoto: Looking back upPhoto: Finally down, Ken looking back at the routePhoto: Big beautiful bugger!Photo: On the way home, ChamonixPhoto: Living statuesPhoto: Ken's amazing T-shirtPhoto: Soak for 3 min...Photo: ... magic!Photo: Chamonix eveningPhoto: Cham stationPhoto: Chamonix Aiguilles