84 Photos - Sep 4, 2009
Photo: Sept 4, 2009 - Ground BreakingPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: That's an old water from a cistern out back with is no longer used.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Thank God!Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: "Miso" the Tower Base Inspector!Photo: View of old Cistern Water Pipe which had to be removed. (it was not in use for at least 15 years)Photo: Photo: Rohn Short Base 55G (SB55G) sitting level in the new base.Photo: 4 each 10' Mid Sections of Rohn 55G.  1 each 5' section.  The 5' Section was the bottom cut off a mid-Section at 60".  I used the Top section as the SB55G. (They didn't have SB55G's when I picked this up)Photo: Photo: Hole is now the proper depth, and the old Cistern Water pipe removed.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: That water is from constant rains for over a week now.  There has been a Tarp over the hole in the rain, but inevitably water gets in.  I've been sumping the water out after every day.  The earth is 95% solid clay here in Leadwood, MO.  VERY few rocks, and no Sand.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Next step is to get a 10' mid-section on this, and leveled.  and fastened with 2x4's so that the concrete pour on Monday 9/28/09 will not move the tower base off level.  No rebar is touching the tower.Photo: 2009-09-28 10:30amPhoto: Photo: Photo: First 10' Mid-Section Installed 2009-09-29.
You can also see my Par Omni @ 22' in the upper left quarter of this photo.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: 3rd Section Still hanging on the Gin Pole.
Notice the "snatch block" at the base and rope
Running to the truck's Hitch.Photo: Photo: 3rd section bolted in place.Photo: Photo: Photo: Um yeah it was a bit Muddy.Photo: Um Yeah Thank God for 4x4 or this would have been like a hog wallow.Photo: 4th section in place.Photo: 41 feet up now.Photo: Video: 360 Degree Movie ViewPhoto: ENE - East North EastPhoto: NorthPhoto: NNW - North North WestPhoto: WestPhoto: SSW - South South WestPhoto: SSE - South South EastPhoto: ESE - East South EastPhoto: SOUTH (SSE somewhat)Photo: WSW - West South West - Tree Removal ProjectPhoto: SOUTH - (Tree Removal Project)Photo: WNW - West North WestPhoto: NNW - North North WestPhoto: N / NNE (Europe Path) Mostly North here.Photo: ENE - East North East - (Europe Path)Photo: Down the Rabbit HolePhoto: The Mess BelowPhoto: The Par Omni (Below about 22' down)
I've worked Carribean, All USA (except AK, HI), Europe
Central America, and South America
With that Tiny Antenna and 100 watts.Photo: Neighbors to the Left.
Nice to see all those Dish Antenna's!  LOLPhoto: Neighbors to the Right.
And my shadow in their back yard.Photo: Across the StreetPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: 2010/06/01 
Temp. Up Fed with LMR 240 
Fixed On E4X (44 degrees)Photo: Photo: 6/21/2001 Night time Shot, 30 second exposure time