13 Photos - May 2, 2012
Photo: FED 2 with Industar 26m lens and turret view finderPhoto: Rear of Jupiter 12 lensPhoto: Front of Jupiter 12 lens with lens cap and Bakelite casePhoto: Lubitel 2Photo: Lubitel 2Photo: Lubitel 2 viewfinderPhoto: Lubitel 2Photo: My Weston Master V light meter, works perfectly.Photo: Zenit 12xp, update of the Zenit TTL made for export, in lovely condition and works a treat!Photo: A 1956 Zorki 1 with Industar 22 collapsible 50mm lens that actually has it's lens cap, serious hen's teeth dept!Photo: Top of Zorki 1 as fitted with a Jupter 8 f2 50mm lensPhoto: Zorki with Jupiter 8Photo: My Pentax ME Super, came to me for nothing from an acquaintance in the camera shop local to where I lived then. Since it's become my film workhorse and I much prefer using it to using my Nikon D50, mostly due to the size and the much larger, brighter view finder with split prism focus screen. I've fitted this one with a Helios 44K-4 lens which is the wonderful Helios 44 lens made with a K mount rather than M44 threads, a really stunning lens!