29 Photos - Oct 5, 2011
Photo: Taha (humpack whale calf #1 of the 2011 season) and motherPhoto: Four of the humpback whales in a five-whale heat runPhoto: Little Tolu being allowed to go off and play on his own, while mom and escort make like lovebirds belowPhoto: Humpback whale calf Tolu playing at the surface, while mom (right) and escort cruise together belowPhoto: Breaching humpback whale that put on quite a showPhoto: Fa (humpback whale calf #4 of the 2011 season) and momPhoto: Third encounter with Tahaua (calf #12 of the season) and mom. Tahaua is an adorable baby girl.Photo: Toluua (calf #32). Toluua's mom is also the mother of Luna, calf #13 from 2009.Photo: Second encounter with Tahatolu (calf #13) with mom and escort swimming below. Tahatolu is a playful little boy.Photo: Humpback whale calf Toluua playing, with mom and escort belowPhoto: Little baby Uatolu (calf #23, female) going for a stroll with her momPhoto: Courting pair (dark one female, white belly male) that was buzzed constantly by two or three single males at Toku Island.Photo: Toluono (calf #36, male) relaxing at the surfacePhoto: Healthy, happy Tahafa (calf #14) with mom, primary escort visible in backgroundPhoto: Injured calf Tahafa together with his mother. The baby's wounds have healed nicely.Photo: This is Toluhiva (calf #39, female). Here, the calf is nuzzling the escort, demonstrating that escort whales can be on good terms with babiesPhoto: Healthy, happy humpback whale calf Tahafa playing near the surfacePhoto: Humpback whale calf Tahafa (#14) with mom resting in a head-down positionPhoto: Humpback whale calf Fafa (#44, female) re-entering the water after breaching. Note the wounds all over her body.Photo: Tahafa's wounds are generally healing wellPhoto: Courting humpback whales: the white one in front is the male, the whale spyhopping in the background is the female.Photo: One of my favorite photos from the season #PlusPhotoExtractPhoto: This photo is just for fun. The humpback whales (a female with its calf) are in the background, behind the barracuda school. For some reason, the fish insisted on swimming in a vertical orientation and wouldn't turn sideways to pose nicely. SighPhoto: Playful calf with her momPhoto: Whale swimming right past me during a heat run. Heat run = boy whales chasing girl whalePhoto: Perhaps the most nonchalant, laid-back singer I've ever met. Just sat there, and let me swim along whenever he came up for a breath. Visibility was awful, but being close meant it didn't matter so muchPhoto: Friendly female humpback whale that was being pursued by five malesPhoto: Mom and baby humpback whalePhoto: Happy New Year!