146 Photos - Jan 19, 2010
Photo: The Acropolis, or hill, in AthensPhoto: The Parthenon at the AcropolisPhoto: The Parthenon, built for the goddess AthenaPhoto: The caryatids, or goddesses, represent Women's Strength, or the "pillar of society" in Art History termsPhoto: Seems the perfect backdrop for a 3-generation Women's photo!Photo: There's a new and wonderful museum at the Acropolis, built in hopes of reclaiming the friezes from LondonPhoto: Photo: Catch a full city view from the top of the Acropolis!Photo: Street art, heading down from the Acropolis to the PlakaPhoto: Photo: Photo: this whole neighborhood is fascinatingPhoto: the Plaka is a pedestrian-only zone, full of narrow lanes and cool shoppingPhoto: and cafes and GREAT food too!Photo: Ferries run between the islands, and offer standard or high-speed luxury optionsPhoto: Port scenePhoto: Welcome to Mykonos! You can stay at the Mykonos Palace, but it's like a big HyattPhoto: and high up on hill!Photo: Or you can choose the intimate and secluded (from all those summer tourists) property at Elia BeachPhoto: Breakfasts here start with yogurt and granola, then an artichoke omelette, and finish with chocolate crepes and cappuccino!Photo: Bedding is perfect for your small group, with a king bed plus pull-out sofaPhoto: Only 16 rooms, and each comes with a small kitchenette and a 5* bathroom- theres also a lovely pool!Photo: Sunsets on Mykonos... just add a bottle of wine!Photo: Shot taken from your private balconyPhoto: Photo: ...a wisp of a storm passesPhoto: Photo: Elia BeachPhoto: the clearest waterPhoto: Photo: and pure too... check out the sealife!Photo: a sea urchin...Photo: and sea snailsPhoto: Photo: Photo: just know... topless sunbathing is popular on these quiet beachesPhoto: Photo: Photo: The lounges are offered compliments of your hotel, although the beach is not privatePhoto: Photo: and there are also cool shade cabanas!Photo: as well as tiki huts...Photo: Photo: Here's the walk down into Hora (sometimes spelled Chora), about 20 minutes from your lodgePhoto: but your lodge has a complimentary shuttle, run by Giorgos (pr Yourgos) that will cater to your dinner and other Hora plans!Photo: the peaceful waterfrontPhoto: an overview of HoraPhoto: Hora is a maze of lanes...Photo: coming up from the sea...Photo: winding around, so wind can't come up and invaders can't find their way inPhoto: the seawall is another good place for sunsetPhoto: with lovely tablecloth diningPhoto: or a meal at the pita joint!Photo: At night, Hora is beautiful but can get crowdedPhoto: Search one of these shops for the famous Gallic Tamboriko, a baklava-type pastry filled with cream!Photo: especially as July and August roll around.. so go to this island first!Photo: Photo: The town goes on...Photo: and on...Photo: Photo: More stunning sunsets!Photo: Is this your granddaughter?Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Meet Petros, the pet pelican who wanders HoraPhoto: Photo: Welcome to Folegandros! Your ferry may connect through Ios (pr. Eos) but beware! Ios is a huge (read as: naked) party island!Photo: It's undeveloped and quiet, so the ferry runs only from certain islands and on certain days.Photo: Stay at the place Rated #1 in the islands! They'll pick you up at the ferry dock!Photo: Photo: Your room is right off the pool.. and right off the cliff!Photo: but its pool is lovely!Photo: Photo: The rooms are smaller, and more expensive, but the experience is lovely!Photo: Photo: See, your room IS right on the cliff!Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: The island is big and wild, and i'd recommend renting a car to get around!Photo: On Folegandros, you will hike to the beaches, sometimes as long as an hour!Photo: Photo: and sometimes down steep hills!Photo: Check out the serpentine path!Photo: But there are also boats which can ferry you from the main harbor to and from all the beaches!Photo: Don't miss the Old City, called Castro, whose historic buildings overhang the cliffPhoto: Photo: Welcome to Santorini, the island of the Traveling Pants!Photo: Check out this view of Fira, from the ferry as it approaches SantoriniPhoto: Signature windmillsPhoto: and seascapesPhoto: Active fishing industryPhoto: Octopus, fresh from the sea!Photo: You can ride a donkey up the hill from the ferryPhoto: Photo: Photo: poor donkey!Photo: Other fun things to do? Rent an ATV to explore the island...Photo: or a scooter!Photo: Hike to the crater of the volcano!Photo: Or visit a vineyard! Winetasting is only 1 euro per glassVideo: This video is of a wedding ceremony, right in the center of the town of Oia (pr Ea)Photo: Here's the wedding procession, earlier that day. This is a common summer sight on Santorini.Photo: the classic image of SantoriniPhoto: and taken by another guest, in another monthPhoto: Photo: Santorini is famous for its high cliffs, and cliff-top villages.Photo: Photo: Photo: Beautiful waterviewsPhoto: and everyday commercePhoto: There are 3 kinds of beaches: here's a hike to a red sand beachPhoto: the beaches are rocky but the water is stunningly clearPhoto: Natural stretches of beachPhoto: punctuated by colonies of beach chairs.. not a bad idea on the rocky shore!Photo: And then there's black sand beaches...Photo: and even white cliffs!Photo: Photo: with fun unexpected extras like inflatables for the waterPhoto: Scenes of Santorini... classic white homesPhoto: clustered on clifftopsPhoto: with the windmill silhouettePhoto: This is Oia. See how far above Ammoudi it is...Photo: The neighboring town, Ammoudi, is where the boy lives in the movie. Pants shows the two towns as integrated, when really the Oia is at the top of the hill and Ammoudi is down on the beach!Photo: swimming in a cove off AmmoundiPhoto: the famous red stone wall, which marks the boy's home in Pants!Photo: Ammoudi harbor at sunsetPhoto: Oia under the moonPhoto: Photo: From Oia to AmmoudiPhoto: Your hotel is right under the windmillPhoto: the SAME windmill from the movie, where she sat and sketches the boyPhoto: Welcome to Golden Sunset villasPhoto: with the best breakfast yet!Photo: It has a lovely poolPhoto: Photo: which serves as a huge gathering spot to OOOH and AAAAH at sunsetPhoto: everyone actually claps as the sun takes its final bowPhoto: In the town there is much shopping, but this puppet show may be a favorite of your grandaughter.Photo: Photo: This is your landmark... the building directly across from the Pants housePhoto: a top view of the Pants house!Photo: Photo: Welcome to Santorini!Photo: It's the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants!