172 Photos - Sep 27, 2013
Photo: Photo: The Hawaiian Islands are the most remote land masses on Earth.Photo: The "Lava Rocket!" - She has been delivered for pick-up and is on her way to Kona....see you when I get there!Photo: My fan club...or, I am their's!Photo: At almost 14,000 feet the twin peaks of Mauna Loa and Mauna Kea stick up above the clouds. They are the tallest mountains in the world when measured from the ocean floor.Photo: The Queen K is in the middle of the lava desert.  Not the vacationers' paradisePhoto: The sun rising over Hualalai Volcano (8271ft).Photo: Kailua Pier is quite right now...not for long!  This week it becomes the epicenter of the triathlon world!Photo: The steeple keeps watch over Kailua BayPhoto: Photo: Church Kahu (pastor)Photo: All teh local shops welcomePhoto: Jerry, and his wife Nancy, on vacation from Alaska were excited to meet an Ironman out on the course!Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Long time pro Ken Glah will be racing his 30th Hawaii Ironman!Photo: A little work on the body in the A.R.T. tent by Charles, a chiropractor in Columbia South CarolinaPhoto: Great to see long time friend and Ironman Champ Bryan Rhodes from New Zealand.Photo: The "Grip" - 6 time world champion Mark Allen.Photo: Photo: Training on the Queen K with good friend Bill BeyerPhoto: I usually don't have to worry about Donkeys while bikingPhoto: Photo: Photo: Great Dinner with good friends at Sam Choy's Kai Lanai - Sam’s trio of fish....this was good!Photo: Great evening with good friends Alicia and Dirk Bockel.  Dirk is an Olympian and Ironman Champ....one of the favorites!Photo: It is fun reuniting with friends - Devashish PaulPhoto: Knida fun hanging with Superbowl MVP Hines WardPhoto: Bird of Paradise flowers grow naturally herePhoto: Ironman legend Bill Bell, now 91, shows up for an early morning swimPhoto: Yvonne van Vlerken...the flying blonde Dutch girl!  One of the fastest females of all time.Photo: Joe Loschiavo is a long time fried - almost 25 years!  he is head of aid station volunteers and a great guy.  He was prepared to see me with gifts to take home to the kids.Photo: Photo: The fit shall inherit the  Earth!  Endurance ConspiracyPhoto: Found my name on the Ironman banner.Photo: This is my Kona Cindy and super volunteer.Photo: I had the same bell man every trip over the past 23 years.Photo: Photo: #1 ranked female in the world Caroline Steffen - the Swiss star know as "Xena"Photo: Photo: Nobuyuki (Joe) Tanaka the founder of Ceepo Bicycles of Japan in traditional Japanese attirePhoto: Dinner!Photo: Frank Day(8th), Tom Knoll (6th), and Dave Orlowski (3th) and original Ironman finishers from 1978Photo: "Cow Man" is an Ironman Legend!Photo: Photo: Scorecard from the 1st IronmanPhoto: Linsey Corbin - one of the favoritesPhoto: Jordan Rapp -Pro and World Bicycle Relief fundraiserPhoto: Dirk Bockel - Relaxed and ready to goPhoto: Another day in paradisePhoto: Coach to many top athletes Matt Dixon of Purple PatchPhoto: My Kona ladies really take care of me!Photo: Reunited with the great Chrissie Wellington - 4 time World ChampPhoto: Sharing a laugh with ChrissiePhoto: Photo: A Cruise ship - sort of a clash of culturesPhoto: Olympic Silver Medalist and 2006 World Champ Michellie JonesPhoto: A great evening at Hulihe'e PalacePhoto: A Hawaiian welcomePhoto: Photo: Mom with the great Greg Welch 1994 World ChampPhoto: Hines Ward  - Super Bowl MVP and soon-to-be IronmanPhoto: Defending Champ Leanda Cave of Great BritainPhoto: Photo: Got Milk?Photo: Breakfast with Mom and DadPhoto: Photo: The Voice of Ironman Mike ReillyPhoto: 2005 World Champ Faris Al-SultanPhoto: Lots of media following world long course record holder Andreas RaelertPhoto: Photo: The Raelert Brothers - Michael Raelert and Andreas RaelertPhoto: 3 time World Champ Craig AlexanderPhoto: A very fast German Timo BrachtPhoto: Photo: All eyes will be on German uber-biker and 2 time 70.3 world champion Sebastian KienlePhoto: The Queen of Kona - 8 Time World Champ Paula Newby-Fraser and 1997 World Champ Heather FuhrPhoto: I was the guinea pig for a demonstration by Trigger Point Therapy. Our family uses them all the time at home!Photo: Photo: This hotel has hosted
the world championship for more than 20 years… They sure know how to treat athletes!Photo: Dinner with Harriet Anderson - The  oldest female competitorPhoto: Photo: The 1st ever finishers shirt, literally!  This is the equivalent of the "Declaration of Independence"  for the sport of triathlon!Photo: Col. John and Judy Collins - The founders of IronmanPhoto: Anything is Possible!Photo: The spectacular welcome dinner!Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Support from the AH Warriors from back homePhoto: Good family friend April HartsookPhoto: Top pro and  good friend Dirk Bockel  took the time and was right there to greet me at bike check-in.  He was surrounded by press and still was kind enough to share a moment.Photo: At bike check-in the volunteers were unbelievable, including long time friend and super volunteer Katie Burke who greeted me at the bike entrance.Photo: All bike are photographed for securityPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Caroline Steffen heading to bike check-inPhoto: Last years 3rd place finisher Frederik Van LierdePhoto: Early Race morningPhoto: Pre-racePhoto: With Chef Gordon Ramsey at the swim startPhoto: Photo: Photo: One of the greatest moments in all of sports!Photo: Photo: Rolling through T-1Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Taking it out on the runPhoto: At mile 10Photo: Ok, last photo for this album.  My long time friend David Gonzales took this photo at 25.5 miles into the run - a raw, candid photo . . . just before the turn onto Ali'i Drive and the most memorable moment in the life of a triathlete.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Of course my all time favorite volunteer Katie Limandri-Burke was right there to greet me!Photo: Hanging with 3rd place finisher Sebastian Kienle after the racePhoto: The last finishers before the midnight cutoffPhoto: The crowds were amazing at midnightPhoto: Closing ceremonyPhoto: Floral arrangement w/the Ironman logo inside the island of Hawai'iPhoto: Awards BanquetPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Black sand beachPhoto: Honor system on a coffee farmPhoto: Well, thanks to Washington we couldn't visit Mt. Kilauea or Volcano Nat'l ParkPhoto: Photo: Photo: Apple bananas were a great treat at the farmers'marketPhoto: Photo: A giant banyan treePhoto: Akaka Falls - twice as high as Niagara FallsPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Fresh coconut treatPhoto: She wields quite the machete!Photo: Photo: Waipio ValleyPhoto: Photo: Photo: King Kamehameha IPhoto: A Lava tubePhoto: Last night with Mom and DadPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Gordon Haller won the 1st Ironman in 1978Photo: Photo: 1982 Winner Kathleen McCartney - What a nice lady!Photo: Superbowl MVP Hines Ward had a great race!Photo: Photo: Hotel FlowersPhoto: