9 Photos - Oct 10, 2012
Photo: The All Applications screen gives you instant access to your apps and an overview of  their status.Photo: When you jump to an app's APK details, you can see an overview of the status, distribution, and history.Photo: As you upload a new APK, you can see changes in the distribution, compatibility, screens support, feature requirements, and permissions.Photo: You can quickly scan the devices that support your app's requirements and manage distribution.Photo: You can work with all parts of your app listing in a single page, including localized versions.Photo: You can set and manage the prices for each app in all available currencies.Photo: New user ratings charts let you track user ratings over time and by country/territory.Photo: The Reports page gives you a visual history of your account's financial reports and instant access to their data.Photo: An overview of the new UI for uploading an APK.