39 Photos - Oct 17, 2008
Photo: Rest Stop Tribute to Seneca IndiansPhoto: Grove City Presbyterian ChurchPhoto: Cliff Harshaw's Former OfficePhoto: Cliff and DevelopmentPhoto: Site Where Harshaw Diaries Were StoredPhoto: MHR RejoicesPhoto: Molding Inside Bank (Pics of Vault Prohibited)Photo: Grove City StreetPhoto: CliffPhoto: Grove CityPhoto: Near Cliff's DevelopmentPhoto: Cliff'sPhoto: Grove City Harshaw GravesPhoto: Marda HarshawPhoto: Clifford and WifePhoto: Clyde Craig?Photo: Daughter of C.G. and DorothyPhoto: Death and the SonPhoto: Dorothy HarshawPhoto: Photo: William J. and familyPhoto: Another ViewPhoto: We're Lost, MHR Finds the WayPhoto: Adamsville Presbyterian ChurchPhoto: Rocky Glen Cemetery, Near AdamsvillePhoto: Andrew Married a CAthcart, I thinkPhoto: Sarah, Michael Sister's, GravePhoto: HarshawPhoto: Pricilla OrrPhoto: Great Great Grandmother's GravePhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Perspective on CemeteryPhoto: More PerspectivePhoto: Leaving Rocky GlenPhoto: From the Road, Across the ValleyPhoto: Time for ReposePhoto: I STILL Don't Like Being Photographed