21 Photos - May 7, 2013
Photo: N Sync (Cass and Carol Pittman)Photo: Morro RockPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Magnificent Seven, consisting of Team Too Much Fun (Mark and Jeanette Lummas, Ron Despojado), N Sync (Cass and Carol Pittman), and KiteKids (Jim and Lynn Foster)Photo: Magnificent Seven in the airPhoto: Too Bye Fore (Mark Quirmbach and Drew Bembenek)Photo: Photo: Large (and not so large) single line kitesPhoto: Large single line delta in front, sport kite staging area behindPhoto: Drew Bembenek flying his Widow MakerPhoto: Ron DespojadoPhoto: Photo: Panorama of the festivalPhoto: Photo: John GillespiePhoto: Tom BartunekPhoto: Photo: Photo: Penny Lingenfelter