61 Photos - Jun 27, 2013
Photo: Velence, Hungary, Lake Velence
Bike path opposite wheelchair accessible bungalow of http://www.gehandicapten.comPhoto: Wheelchair accessible holiday home in Velence, Hungary.
Information? Email to janvanderlinde@gmail.comPhoto: Ramp and bridge at the lakeside of Lake Velence. Just 50m from the adapated holiday bungalow in Velence, Hungary.Photo: Local harbour of fishing boats in Velence, Hungary. Only peddles and electric engines are permitted on Lake Velence.Photo: Poppies near Lake Velence, Hungary.Photo: Wake board, water ski on Lake Velence, 150m from wheelchair adapted holiday home in Velence, Hungary.Photo: Crazy moves on wake board track in Velence, Hungary.Photo: Wake board shop at Lake Velence , Velencei tó.Photo: Karekiet in het riet in het Velencemeer, Hongarije.Photo: Drinks, food, ice cream and snacks for sale at this beach bar at Lake Velence, Hungary.Photo: Second beach bar at Lake Velence, Velence, Hungary.Photo: Swans in Lake Velence.Photo: Old wheels in Velence, Hungary, Many flowers in this village.Photo: Restaurant across the road of wheelchair accessible holiday home. Entrance, one step of 8cm. Hungarian food and Pizza.Photo: Terrace of Restaurant Aranykut in Velence, Hungary. Within 50m of adapted bungalow of http://www.Gehandicapten.comPhoto: Bank with ATM for Hungarian money, Fórint Ramp to entrance and ATM.
Within 100m of wheelchair accessible holiday home.Photo: Post office, ramp access for wheelchairs. Next to the bank, within 100m of adapted holiday home.Photo: Small supermarket, next to the post office and bank. Ramp to level entrance.Photo: Small park in Velence, Hungary close to bank, post office and supermarket.Photo: Local take away food or eat outside. Within 200m of wheelchair accessible holiday home.
Pizza, Gyros, etc.
Next door is the butcher.Photo: Buffet, take away in Velence, Hungary.Photo: The butcher. Next door take away pizza and gyros in Velence, Hungary.Photo: Ice cream parlor and coffeeshop in centre of Velence, Hungary.Photo: An ice cream and a coffee for Gehandicapten.com / WheelchairThailand Hua Hin in Velence, Hungary.Photo: Restaurant Ó Velence, at lakeside of Lake Velence, at entrance of camp side at the Kemping Utca in Velence, Hungary.Photo: Church of Velence, Hungary.Photo: Small buffet selling local food. Sit outside, order at the boot and enjoy. Langos is specialty.Photo: Waiting for our order. Langos with sour cream and cheese.Photo: Langos with sour cream and cheese. Delicious food of Hungary in Velence.Photo: Tourist information office with wheelchair access in Velence, Hungary.Photo: Tourist information office in Velence, Hungary. Nyitva tartás / opening hours: Monday till Friday from 9am till 5pm.Photo: Tourist office in Velence, Hungary made accessible with support of the EU.Photo: Restaurant Tekergö in Velence, Hungary.Photo: Restaurant Tekergö with thatched roof and view over Lake Velence.Photo: Teraace of Restaurant Tekergö with view over Lake Velence in Velence, Hungary.Photo: Slides at beach at lakeside of Lake Velence. Viewed from terrace of restaurant Tekergö in Velence, Hungary.Photo: Gas station near restaurant Tekergö, close to M7, the highway from Velence to Budapest in Hungary.Photo: Entrance of Eszaki Strand. Small fee.Photo: Eszaki Strand in Velence Hungary. Within 500m of wheelchair accessible holiday home of http://www.gehandicapten.comPhoto: Water bikes with slides at Lake Velence.Photo: Pier in Velence at Velencei tó.Photo: Bence hegye, Bence mountain. Beautiful views over Lake Velence.Photo: View over Lake Velence from Bence Hegye in Velence, Hungary.
Reed islands, nature reserve and row track.Photo: Maps of .Lake Velence and Velence can be found all around the village and the lake side.Photo: Row track in Velence, Hungary.Photo: Outdoor market in Agard at Lake Velence.Photo: Palascinta, local pan cakes with chocolate and wicker baskets. Both specialties found all around Hungary.Photo: Gulyash kettles for cooking on a wood fire while camping.Photo: Swallows nesting underneath the roof. Can be seen all around Lake Velence in Hungary. Sometimes they come and have a drink in the pool of wheelchair accessible holiday home Szabadsag.Photo: Ferry on Lake Velence, takes tourists from village to village.Photo: Lidl supermarket in Agard.Photo: Aldi supermarket in Gardony.Photo: Parking for handicapped near supermarkets.Photo: Spar supermarket with wheelchair access and parking for disabled.Photo: Parking for cars of wheelchair users, slow walkers. Take your international parking card with you during your stay in Velence, Hungary.Photo: Art, statue in Agard.Photo: Drinks and snacks.Photo: Restaurant Gulyas Csarda in Agard with wheelchair access and wheelchair accessible toilet, Hungarian and international food. Well trained staff.Photo: Restaurant Gulyas Csarda in Agard with wheelchair access and wheelchair accessible toilet, Hungarian and international food. Well trained staff.Photo: Buffet, local food. At Lake Velence.Photo: Fishing in Lake Velence. Permit required.