26 Photos - Apr 22, 2012
Photo: This is the first I'll share with you all on the trip yesterday that +Kate Church and I made to the Tulip Festival in Mt. Vernon, WA. It was so lovely. The day was pleasant with a peek of the sun only rarely but I was like a kid in a candy store, I just didn't know where to start and harder still is knowing which to upload here! Amazing, simply amazingly beautiful! It is another beautiful sunshiny day here so I won't be spending too much time editing until tonight!
I think there is a #purplecircle too?Photo: ContrastsPhoto: Along Life's PathPhoto: At the Foot of Mt. Baker
...are the tulip and daffodil gardens of Roozengaarde in Mt. Vernon, WA and is one of the most beautiful gardens I have ever been privileged to visit. The views are breathtaking with the glorious colors of the gardens against a mountainous backdrop. Thank you +Kate Church for being my photographer buddy and the instigator to visit them!

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+Breakfast Art Club thanks to +Kate Church and +Breakfast Art ClubPhoto: As if to lay out the royal carpet, these purple and pink tulips point to the majestic mountains in the fading distance. Taken near Mt. Vernon, WA at the RoozenGaarde Tulip Festival.
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#purplecircle with +lynn langmade +Alexis Coram +Sinead Sam McKeown and +Craig Szymanski for +PurpleCirclePhoto: Sea of TulipsPhoto: Supporting each other throughout their short lives, there are times when one needs to lean on another to just make it a bit easier. Only if you are strong yourself and beautifully developed from the inside will you be able to offer it to another. Perhaps a bit deceiving in her little red dress, she is a strong wonder and beautiful at that!
#breakfastclub with +Gemma Costa for +Breakfast ClubPhoto: Sometimes life around the edges are all blurred but if we are able to gain one center of focus we can carry on and enjoy it as it presents itself to us, even when it seems that reality is prickly or bites a bit back. When we really allow it, it can be simply and amazingly gorgeous and pleasant, full of color and beauty. Anyone who knows me at all, knows that color is my friend. I love color. In fact my website is titled "Color My World" and my workshops are similar in nature (Meet Your World). The colors on this one are such watercolor-like goodness that it makes me want to find mine and get out and paint (and I don't usually do watercolor..maybe my pastels!)

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And last but certainly not least is for ##HappyBirthdayChrystaRae May it be wonderful +Chrysta RaePhoto: The Best of All WorldsPhoto: One Solitary LifePhoto: Welcome to Our World
Life comes softly and gently to the world often and today I get to meet my newest grandson. I look forward to welcoming him to our world as the petals of a flower welcome us to Spring, softly, beautifully, gently and lovely.

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and #breakfastartclub thanks to +Kate ChurchPhoto: The Artist
She stood back to see what her painting needed. A little yellow? A little purple? A bit more green or white? Or was it just perfect the way it was? Maybe a day of sunshine will help determine what it needed? The artist in her was just happy to be painting again!

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#breakfastclub with +Gemma Costa for +Breakfast ClubPhoto: Sunshine from WithinPhoto: Sometimes it takes just sheer courage to stand up and be different. Standing tall, clearly making her point that following the crowd isn't always the best way to an end result. Have the courage and the tenacity to follow your heart and become who you were meant to be.
#breakfastclub with +Gemma Costa for +Breakfast ClubPhoto: "Dare to be different"
Clearly, she stood out from her peers because she was unique. She followed her heart and believed that life could be undeniably hers if she followed it. She realized that when she allowed herself to believe her dream, it would become real. Embracing what her heart spoke, putting all her strength and effort into making it tangible, it would be real. An unmatched and beautiful spirit existed because she followed her heart. It rendered her heart beautiful which manifested itself from the inside out.
#bokehtuesday with +Bob Baxley for +Bokeh TuesdayPhoto: The Beauty of Being at HomePhoto: Certainly the "belle of the ball" and dressed in a gown to turn heads, this tulip was only one of the luscious and beautiful colored tulips at the Tulip Festival in Mt. Vernon, WA. The Washing Bulb Co has so many lovely bulbs for sale and they would certainly entice any flower lover to purchase them after visiting these gardens.
#breakfastclubPhoto: The Soft Voice
A whisper, a quiet voice, a soft word. Muted colors and tones to bring the weekend in with relaxation and peace. A delightful pink, like a rose' wine filled glass just waiting for a gathering of friends. Hope your weekend brings relaxation in a fashion that quiets your soul and brings you a creative edge.

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#breakfastclub thanks to +Gemma Costa for +Breakfast ClubPhoto: Blushing from spilled adulation she could hardly contain her joy from the compliments of admirers and those who enjoyed the display. Keep blushing beauty, keep blushing.
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#breakfastartclub with +Stuart Williams for +Breakfast Art ClubPhoto: She was a Rare BeautyPhoto: From a distance, her secret admirer gazed upon her beauty in the hope one day they would meet in all their glory. He believed her beauty to be more than just a facade but that it penetrated to the depths of her soul. Longing to greet her, all he could muster was a nod of the head. Be brave, fearless soul.
#naturemonday with +Rolf Hicker and +Kate ChurchPhoto: We often gracefully give pardon to excuses of shyness, but the beauty of it is when allowed to step out of the shell it produces, it opens up a beauty we often cannot comprehend until we are permitted to see it. So open up sweet shy one and show us your inner self, reveal all the beauty you shield from our eyes and walk in quiet confidence and serenity.

I nearly forgot it was #macromonday with the ever lovely trio of +Kerry Murphy +Kelli Seeger Kim and +Jennifer Eden for +Macro MondayPhoto: The very center of her being was filled with wonder untold, if you take the time to discover the beauty of her inner most being you will find the wonder of her whole self.
I have so many macro shots from the Tulip Festival but this lively yellow I hope, might cheer you on this Monday morning. I chose one nice, close-up and personal.
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#breakfastclub with +Gemma Costa for +Breakfast ClubPhoto: The one thing I absolutely love about flowers is that they bring sunshine on a cloudy day. I hope this brings at least one of you a smile and a bit of cheer.

I appreciate all those who have circled me and stop to comment or plus one my photographs, it always brings me a smile and I thank you. I don't take it for granted or lightly, so whether it is gloomy outside or inside, here is a bit of sunshiny cheer from me to you.
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#yisforyellow with +Lucille Galleli for +YisforYellowPhoto: Come On Baby Light My FirePhoto: A palette of color only nature could provide that helps you remember that a Master Painter knows no bounds. The intense concentration of colors providing fascination and endless gazing to those who care to stop and wonder and admire the work before them will delight in the richness of creation.
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