22 Photos - Jan 31, 2013
Photo: When I first told Little Crafter we were going to shop for some inexpensive clothes from him at Cookie's Kids, he was hesitant because he was having fun playing and didn't want to leave the house.  But after I explained to him that the store was on the computer, it was a whole different story!  He was more than a little interested, and he and "Big Elmo" sat right down to see what he could find.Photo: When we first arrived at the site, several screens were scrolling through, but I have to say this one is the most eye-catching for me!  Up to 90% off!  Yes, please!  It's a great time to get things that will get us through the rest of the cold season {which around here goes until about April 1st!} and things we can use next winter too!Photo: Since we were shopping for LC, we went right to the tab labeled "Boys Dept."  It's divided into sections by size: Infants, 2T-4T, 4-7, and 8-20.Photo: Then, within each size, we found all kinds of categories listed so we could easily find whatever we were looking for: bottoms, dress wear, hats and gloves, hoodies, outerwear, etc.Photo: Little Crafter wanted to look at the T-shirts first, since his outfit choice every day is a T-shirt and jeans.  I wasn't surprised at all when he picked out this Angry Birds "Time for Laughs" one.  He's absolutely crazy about Angry Birds, and I couldn't believe it was on sale for just $4.99!  I've never seen Angry Birds shirts for less than $9 in any of the stores where we usually shop.Photo: These days, Little Crafter is kind of in between sizes.  He fits into a 4T, but he can also wear an XS from the boys' department.  Sometimes it's hard to know what size to buy, especially online, but this handy tool, alva kids, is a great help!  You can put in your child's measurements and information and it will tell you what size is the best choice for the particular item you're viewing.  For the shirt, we decided to go with a boys' 4 so it will fit all spring and summer long and next winter too!Photo: Once the shirt was in our cart, Little Crafter begged to look at the pajamas.  He is crazy about wearing pj's right now...in fact, the past two days he's refused to wear anything but pajamas all day long.  Naturally, as soon as he spied a pair of Angry Birds pajamas, that was the end of his search, especially since they also happened to be his favorite color, blue.Photo: When I scrolled down and saw that I could get them for $9.99, my search was over too.  Sold.  When's the last time you saw any brand of kids' pajamas for less than ten dollars, let alone popular character ones?!Photo: I couldn't resist looking at the dress wear section just to see what they had!  There were the cutest little vests and even suits and tuxedos!  I found this adorable purple dress shirt and tie set that I just loved {purple for the Ravens, you know}.  We didn't purchase it this time since we don't have any formal events on the calendar anytime soon, but I'm definitely going to remember it next time he needs a dressy outfit.Photo: As we browsed through the hats and gloves section, LC spied...you guessed it, an Angry Birds baseball cap.  I always like for him to have a hat on in the winter, and I was willing to let him get the one he liked best because that means I won't have to fight him to wear it.  I really was torn between the toddler size and the junior size, because I was afraid he'd outgrow one too fast and the other would be too big.  Fortunately, I had the option of viewing the back, where I could see the snapback adjustment that will let me change the size a good bit.  And look at that cutie pie bird embroidered back there!Photo: As we wrapped up our shopping, I remembered that I had promised to make LC a shirt with the Star Wars logo using my new cutting machine and some iron-on vinyl.  I decided to check and see if there were any plain colored t-shirts that would work for my project.  I found this V-Neck T-shirt for just $4.99, available in gray, navy, red, white, and black.  LC chose the navy, and we added that as the final item in our cart.Photo: Here's what our virtual shopping cart looked like.  LC was thrilled with all the Angry Birds, and I was thrilled with the price!  Earlier in the day, I had gotten a promotional email with a discount code, which I used to save $3.00 {10%}, and our grand total came to just $26.96 for all those goodies!  Sweet!Photo: We placed our order on Thursday, January 31, and our package arrived Monday, February 4.  LC couldn't wait to dig in and see his new clothes!Photo: It was so fun pulling out all his goodies, and way less stressful than trying to take him clothing shopping in an actual brick and mortar store where he gets distracted by every little thing and only wants to look at the toys.Photo: His favorite thing to pull out of the box was his hat.  It fit perfectly.  Whew.Photo: His Angry Bird shirt fit just the way I hoped.  Comfortable and a little on the big side so he can wear it for a good long time.  Even in the winter, he always wants to wear t-shirts, which is totally fine in the house.  When we go out, we just throw a sweatshirt and a coat on, and everyone is happy.Photo: My little model was getting tired...but seriously, how cute is he?!Photo: "No more pictures, Mommy!" Ok, I can respect that.  But it means I get the cool hat.Photo: Yup, it even adjusts to fit me.  That didn't last for long though...you can see he was quick to steal it back.Photo: Then it was time to try on the pajamas.  Once again, they were the perfect fit.  They're cozy, warm, and big enough to fit him next winter too.  The first thing we noticed about them was how incredibly soft they are.  I totally wish they made them in my size.  I'd wear them.  I like Angry Birds...except for the level I can't beat.Photo: Apparently, they're quite comfy to sleep in too...shhhhh!

All in all, I would say our "shopping trip" was a huge success!  We got so many great things, spent less than 30 bucks, and never had to leave home.  Plus, since LC picked everything out himself, I know he'll actually be willing to wear them and getting dressed might be less of a battle.  Score.Photo: Check out Cookie's Kids for yourself to see what great deals you can find, especially their spring collection!  

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