9 Photos - Jan 30, 2015
Photo: Getting closer to opposition and I finally get some decent conditions for Jupiter.  Only snag was that my filter wheel died.  It was 9 years old and I guess I need a new one now.  I'm thinking of the Xagyl 5 slot 1.25" one.Photo: 2nd collaboration with Kevin QuinPhoto: Photo: Photo: Small break in the clouds on Sunday in average conditions...Photo: Jupiter's Red Spot Jr., aka Oval BA has a white spot in the middle.  I'm sure it's been there, but I haven't seen it in some years at this resolution.  I took a chance at some clear skies with average conditions of seeing.  Turned out much NICER!!  As a bonus to being prepared all the equip worked well and I was in the right place at the right time!Photo: Last Jupiter before the spring pollen break!  Shot in fair to poor conditions.Photo: From earlier this week, and the 1st time out in nearly 6 weeks because of the pollen and tons of bad weather.  Now TS Ana is just depressing me to new lows!

I was actually happy to find Io in transit as I had done no planning at all.  QUITE windy this night and VERY poor conditions.Photo: