24 Photos - Sep 7, 2013
Photo: Photo: I took this image of Jupiter with two moons and one shadow this past Saturday morning with my 14" f/4.5 Newtonian.

I like the way I processed this one from this past Saturday morning.  The moon Europa is off the edge of Jupiter on the left.  The round, orange dot to the right and lower of center is the moon Io.  The dark oval-shaped spot is the shadow of Europa.  The shadow is falling towards the limb of Jupiter and because of the angles of the shadow it becomes more and more oval shaped the closer to the edge it gets.

#Astronomy   #Planetary   #astrophotography   #Jupiter   #solarsystemPhoto: Photo: Photo: Jupiter with GRS Jr and Ganymede a day after previous shot in similar conditions.Photo: I realize at the end of this session the dew had coated the secondary mirror on me.  All things considered it was nice to be out even if it was NOT for the best portions of last week's good weather.  +Mitchell Duke got the lions share of last weeks good seeing, go circle him and see what wonders he got, including a fantastic double transit!Photo: Photo: for fun here' s the processed monochrome channelsPhoto: Automated stacking in progress...
HEY No peeking!!!!Photo: Finally assembled Jupiter from last week Thursday, and it turned out it's no Turkey!  :)Photo: More Jupiter fun.  Here's a shot from the night after my previous Jupiter photo.  Here you can see the Great Red Spot Jr.Photo: Jupiter from this past Thursday in just a hair above average conditions but clear skies!  Yes, that's the GRS rising on the left and the moon Io moving off the limb on the right!Photo: I honestly thought that this was a dud shot, but some patience found me it's got something worth sharing.Photo: Tremendous amounts of rain during the day led to a thick fog most of the night.  It was clear enough for some good shots.  Here you can see the GRS rising on the left and the prominent LRS with nearby, bright red barge.  Also lurking in the NTrZ is the new ROZ (Red Oval Z, formerly known as White Oval Z)Photo: Ever wonder how much Jupiter changes in a week?  I've been playing around with WINJupos some more in an effort to make a whole planet rotation.  I found some overlap but also some gaps.  Here's a cool overlap of GRS Jr. Each of these two frames in the animation was taken nearly one week apart.Photo: Last week's Red Spot Jr photoPhoto: Map used to make the rotation.Photo: More old images used in the full rotation videoPhoto: Photo: Photo: Jupiter is post peak but still prominent in the early evening and the air steadied enough that I got a good glimpse of Oval BA last night. That blue swirl in the middle is called a festoon and was very prominent in the live display last night too!Photo: Jupiter from the same night as my previous Mars post.  This was taken in dusk, about 30min after sunset.  It's my first Jupiter in over 1 month.  It's been hard to get out at the dinner hour but my awesome wife cared for the kids on this cold evening while I shot this nice gem.Photo: Photo: More fun from last year