8 Photos - Feb 25, 2013
Photo: Not sure how this one didn't get shared in the right spot, but here's my favorite sunspot ever from October 21, 2014!
#backlogPhoto: Photo: Photo: Bonus Day 13
This one wasn't even in my logs, but happily waiting almost 1 year for me to finish processing!  You're welcome +Matt Oloff Photo: I was up early this past Sunday to see the Solar Eclipse with +Robert Kintner before headed to Charlotte to see the +Carolina Panthers lay the smack down on the Falcons.  It was an awe inspiring start to a day full of fun, friends and food!Photo: I saw the sun today!
My solar skills are lacking and equipment limited to the 8" f/10, white light and IR-Pass filter, but this came out ok I think...Photo: Yesterday's sun mosaic.Photo: