75 Photos - Feb 18, 2013
Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Day 35 brings me WAAAY back to the HOT June of 2008.  According to my logs, "EXTREMELY hot temps are choking out the South East US.  Daytime temps are blasting out records of late spring in the upper 90's (F) with
forecasts in the 100's (F) in the coming days. "
yes, I have logs from 2008 *and* half processed images.  In this case I'm glad I held off, I added an artificial flat, noise reduction and some spot curves to really bring this one to life. I have to say it feels good to be on top of something so old finally!Photo: A nice practice night last night.  I stopped off at M13 for 18x60s at ISO400.   It could use more time and better conditions.  Wind and seeing were iffy and the moon was QUITE bright being near full.  I'll take clear skies and positive results, I didn't crash windows at all!Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Today's summer cluster catch up is an open one, M18.  Yay for another Messier off the list for today's day 5 catch up.Photo: fixed the label on yesterday's catch up image of M21.  The whole messier collection is laid out here - http://maphilli14.webs.com/mikesdeepskyphotos.htmPhoto: Photo: Photo: Bonus Day 35.  most of you have seen the M25 Pluto from the VSP last summer, but here it is again, framed and qr coded to the youtube video finder chart search.
I framed it for use with the Messier list: http://maphilli14.webs.com/mikesdeepskyphotos.htm
The images link to the picasa/g+ albums now and so I upload, and decided to add some commentaryPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: A late day 39 of spring cleaning is a bit of a trial night.  Bad seeing hit on a Jupiter photo, which I've probably not posted yet either.... not yet.
Here's 2 good frames that were part of a good learning curve in the move to using ISO 400.  I have another redo of M35 here too: https://plus.google.com/photos/108750361778865447048/albums/5707994338205684529/5707994335853746978Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Day 36, here's a REALLY ancient one from 2007 and I never felt right about it, M44 a really big cluster, closet open cluster to Earth and worthy of a redo, but only after I bag all the Messier objects.Photo: Photo: Photo: Day 20's backlog is a day late!  I'm still catching up and learning a lot along the way.  Here's M47 from Friday night!Photo: Day 18 brings us back to January 5, 2013.  This is a WONDERFUL looking cluster in a 14" telescope with a 2" 40mm eyepiece!  STUNNING!
Also, it seems that this Messier object, now in my collection, was another near misstep.  He reported coordinates that were off by several degrees declination.  Discover is often credited to Caroline Herschel (GO GIRLS)
This is an ISO6400 shot, but came out well as it is SHORT in exposure and LARGE in number 57 x 10s.  I think it came out well using an interesting processing technique I'll start in another thread.
Thanks for staying with my backlog!Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Day 21!  Three straight weeks of catchup.  This too is a more recent work from Friday and another for m Messier collection!  If I can I'll nab more tonight and process the best from Friday, a set of 3 galaxies, M105 and co.Photo: M68 for the collection, Check!
creeping closer to done... a bunch left are these low declination onesPhoto: Photo: Here's the processed M92 (single frame posted yesterday).
I had to experiment with the proper exposures and found the 3min ones don't have that bad horizontal banding that the 7D sometimes suffers (mine at least)Photo: Photo: Spring cleaning marches on for day 41.  This is another redo of a star cluster in effort to reign in my DSO skills.  Actually practice is good but this night of February 15, 2013 I was after Asteroid 2012 DA 14 but was thwarted, or that is another post later.  Here is the previous version with the same telescope, different camera and techinques: https://plus.google.com/photos/108750361778865447048/albums/5846502832257385345/5847448881610861282?banner=pwaPhoto: Photo: Photo: The only shot I got in preparation for the +Virtual Star Party  last night before the clouds just ruined my views!
Day 22 is more current of the 'backlogs' but not to fear there is PLENTY of old stuff to get to still!
Also, there seems to be a member star with an exoplanet, but I can't find the star at the coordinates that are listed on wikipedia?!!Photo: Today's summer catch up is day 6 where I cross another off the Messier list, M28.  I had some tracking woes and some field rotation in the lower right as the OAG is in the upper left.  I was left with 2 good 30 subs but it came out pretty nice I think!Photo: After a busy week, I'm back working the summer backlog, I lost count of how many, but it's a new one for the Messier collection, m23 a reasonably close open cluster.Photo: Object 12 of 18+3 on the VSP.  I think... I lost count!  The summer backlog rolls on with a wonderful Globular, M80!Photo: Finally NOT a Messier object.  In shooting through my narrow gap of the trees I waited patiently for the next target to 'rise' and killed some time on this far away globular.  Small, despite this full res photo!  It's listed at 33 kilo LY away!
Summer clearing of backlog rolls on with object 14 of 18+Photo: M54 is an interesting target as it was one of the 1st objects reclassified as NOT belonging to our galaxy, but rather belongs to the Sagittarius Dwarf Elliptical Galaxy.

Just a couple more shots of backlog left.  I've shot this target before and can be seen here amonst the Deep Sky / Clusters album (https://plus.google.com/photos/108750361778865447048/albums/5846502832257385345?banner=pwa)  Photo: M45 sporting some nebula night before last...Photo: For my crawling along Messier collection.  I'm not 5 short of a full list.  h/t to my special wife +Sondra Phillips for keeping the kids happy while I grabbed a narrow window of time and gap in the clouds.  The only one we've had in 2 plus weeks now!
I shot M69 and M70 in wide field but am not too happy with those, but they count.  The only ones I have left are:
Mostly all Glob(e)ular clusters....zzzzzPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Simple CCD LRGB fun on M34 from back in OctPhoto: Another 'old' photo but I don't think I knew how far away this cluster is until I dressed it with the menu bar info!
Enjoy and thanks!Photo: More backlog.   this is M92 with an overexposed core, but at 1.5hrs 2x2 binning you can really see the outer halo of stars VERY well.Photo: Photo: Shaking some dust off the old deep sky skills last week...Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: