11 Photos - Feb 8, 2013
Photo: Caught up again, here's a Saturn from early this morning.  I shot quite a bit of data but this single RGB run seems to be the best of it for now.  Seeing was quite variable and better than the previous attempts for 2013's apparition.  I think with the weather being so bad I'll have time to play more with the data, but for now, day40 has me staying on top of things!Photo: Photo: Photo: Back in the game with some below average seeing.  I'll take clear skies.  I get a couple more cracks at Saturn for opposition weekend before the clouds and rain take back over.Photo: From last night.  I worked some processing magic with multipoint align in AS2 and in avg seeing the seams popped out badly, but they seemed to unwind in WinJUPOS and Topaz DeNoise.  The globe was badly scarred and I layered it out in Photoshop with a single point align from a single RGB run.  Sorry for the tech speak, but it's top of mind and hopefully helpful!Photo: From Saturday in pretty poor/avg conditions.  I really enjoyed the views at the eyepiece and just wanted to record some views for later!  I did process the rings and globe differently and layered them together.Photo: I eeked out an image Tuesday night before the outer bands of Andrea started.  The clouds ruined a lot but I took a stab at it and came out with something ok.Photo: Here's the final (R)RGB composite from Tuesday night.
Thanks for looking!Photo: One of my best Saturn's this challenging season!  This was taken in the moments before the VSP's #hangoutathon  edition this past Saturday!Photo: More clear skies last night!Photo: Oddly +Kevin Franklin asked if he saw the Hex, which I think I see but even in this 'adjusted' polar view it is subtle and fuzzy, but I think it's there.